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Cheqroom Beta Program

Be part of our next big thing

Get early access to new features before anyone else, and help shape the future of Cheqroom. Pretty cool huh?

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How it works?

Once you enable beta in your Cheqroom workspace, you will automatically get the new features on your Cheqroom workspace when they go live in Beta. We will inform you when this happens, and you will get all you need to succeed. You'll be among the first users to try the new features, and our product team will try to gather feedback from you.

This is your chance to shape the future of Cheqroom!

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How to sign up?

  1. In your Workspace, go to Settings
  2. Select General
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page until you see the section titled “Join the beta program.”
  4. Then tap the toggle — that’s it!

You can leave the beta program at any time and always come back.

Becoming a Cheqroom beta tester

Your participation is entirely voluntary. Before you sign up, please keep in mind that by using our features in beta, you are acknowledging and accepting that they can contain more bugs than our publicly available features. Don't worry. We will be providing priority support to ensure they don't disrupt your work.

You are also accepting that the product team will reach out to ask for feedback. This can be via questionnaires, user tests, or calls. They are lovely and not awkward at all 😂

Beta Program

Here are some frequently asked questions.

  • No. Not all Betas are available for testing for all users. Availability is based on account-specific configurations – meaning you may not have the modules enabled that are needed to participate. For example, if you are in a Standard plan, you will not get features such as Workspaces during the beta.
    Unless you're planning to upgrade. If that's your case, contact your Customer Success Agent.

  • Participation is based on Workspace opt-in. To opt-in, you need to be a current active Workspace Admin or Account Owner of Cheqroom.

    • Bugs 🐛: If you encounter any bugs while using our Beta version, don't fret! You can easily send feedback regarding performance-related errors, malfunctions, and poor performance to your Customer Success Manager or the product manager who welcomed you to the Beta. You can reach us through chat, email, or any other way that suits you best. Please send us the log immediately after the problem occurs so that we can forward these issues to our engineering team. We'll do our best to address them as soon as possible and guarantee a seamless Beta test experience for you!
    • Feedback 💡: We value your feedback! If you have any suggestions regarding the user interface or user experience, please don't hesitate to let us know through any channel. While testing, please collect your feedback and reach out to us. Our product team is eager to learn more about your suggestions and will contact you to jump on a call soon!
  • If you disable the beta toggle in your Cheqroom workspace while trying a new feature in Beta, the feature will be automatically disabled from your workspace. 
    Keep in mind that you will lose all the progress or configuration made.

Join the beta program

Help shape the future of cheqroom