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Cheqroom is the superior choice for managing your high-value, mission-critical assets.

Here's why.

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Empower your asset management with Cheqroom

Cheqroom’s versatility and accessibility are unparalleled by EZOfficeInventory. It's built for full workforce participation to meet the needs of every team member, amplifying control without sacrificing autonomy. We specialize in managing assets that are frequently moved and shared among multiple users.

Capabilities that set Cheqroom apart

Cheqroom manages over $2 billion in assets for over 1,000 companies, ranging from emerging companies to Fortune 100 brands.

Reduce asset loss by 25%

Every piece of equipment is accounted for, tracked, and managed with unparalleled precision, increasing accountability and minimizing loss.

Save up to 120 hours

Automate tedious manual tracking and enable full workforce participation to redirect valuable workforce energy to the most critical tasks.

Reduce project delays by 10%

Eliminate the frustration of double bookings. Identify, avoid, flag, and act on potential conflicts. Resolve issues before they impact any project and equip your team with a stress-free self-service reservation system.

Extend asset lifetime by 35%

Not only does Cheqroom recognize your assets' value, but we elevate it through lifecycle management, including maintenance tracking, depreciation, and warranty management.

Save up to $100.000 every six months in compliance fines

Keep equipment up to standards and follow compliance rules and regulations with Cheqroom. This reduces risks, improves operations, and protects against legal issues.

Modern and next-gen UI

Cheqroom has a streamlined, intuitive design that is easy to navigate. It is built to make asset management as effortless as possible.

Why organizations
love Cheqroom

These brands are already using Cheqroom

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Jeff Garrison, PGA Tour Entertainment

“Our equipment was previously tracked with pen and paper, creating a challenge for the team. After researching and comparing various solutions, Cheqroom's product proved to be the most robust.

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Kevin Lyons, San Bernardino Valley College

“It really has made a huge difference in keeping track of the gear, labeling that gear, and dealing with it when it needs service, … It really has transformed our incoming and outgoing gear and the way we manage it.”

Cheqroom vs EZ Office Inventory

Why Cheqroom is the superior choice

Cheqroom vs. EZOfficeInventory comparison

Cheqroom's next-generation asset tracking platform is designed for modern environments, offering custom workflows, seamless hand-offs, and autonomy without compromising control. Unlike the outdated EZOfficeInventory, Cheqroom’s platform was built to empower your workforce with best-in-class UX/UI, ensuring full utilization and maximized efficiency.

Explore other areas in which Cheqroom excels:

Cheqroom vs EZ Office Inventory
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Discover how Cheqroom can transform your organization’s asset management

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