Gear talk with

Corey, Head of Live and Studios at GRADIENT

Fave piece of gear? A custom-made mobile flypack. Fave camera? It's got to be the Panasonic 4K PTZ line. But beyond the "shiny new thing", his passion is making sure everything works smoothly for the production teams in the field.

To hear more about Corey's favorites, and how he simplifies the gear setup for live events, and sets up the production crews for success with a remote control room, watch the video below.

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AV professionals trust Cheqroom to manage their equipment

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Always have a clear overview

When using lenses, cameras, lights, and memory cards, you want to know where they are at all times. Losing one of those can jeopardize shoots and seriously delay projects. Tracking them will give you peace of mind and - in the long run - will help you plan future projects better.

Feature - reservations

No double bookings

Great. Someone else took off with your gear. Sounds familiar? Eliminate double-bookings with Cheqroom’s reservation process.

Feature - Agreements

Protect your projects

Missing or damaged gear can severely impact your projects. Cheqroom not only protects your gear, but also the content you shoot with it.

Feature - gear overview

Open your gear cage to your crew

Get an overview of all your gear, both in the gear cage and out on the field. Let your crew or freelancers know what gear is available, undergoing maintenance, or being used in another production.

Stay in control & never lose track of your assets

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