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Medical Equipment Software

Keep track of your medical equipment

  • One overview with all information relevant to the maintenance and compliance
  • Know which department is using your equipment
  • Get insights into medical equipment usage, status, and value
Medical Let doctors and staff easily check out equipment v1

Let doctors and staff easily check-out equipment

Speed up operations by automating equipment bookings, check-outs and returns. And the best part is, notifications are sent automatically to remind people to book their gear in time. It’s not magic, but almost.

Medical keep track v1 1

Know which hospital department is using your equipment

Track who’s using what and where it is. Check your inventory at any time from your app. No more chasing gear: you have all the information you need in the palm of your hand.

Medical reports v1

Reports on all your medical supplies

What medical equipment is most used? What to buy next? How to convince others you need to invest in new lab equipment? That’s where reports become your sidekick. Check your equipment’s performance, usage, value, and depreciation at a glance. Need to make a case? Export the PDF and share it.

Medical lab v1

Book lab equipment in advance, or at the last-minute

Let staff make online equipment reservations and immediately see which items are available, reserved, checked out, or under maintenance. Prepare check-outs in advance and make sure the right equipment goes with the right person at the right time.

Medical Tag it Scan it Manage it v1

Tag it. Scan it. Manage it.

Label your medical equipment with a unique QR code that you can scan to get detailed information. Manage your items with one simple scan. Get to know the complete history of the item, its condition, and whether it's due for a check-out soon.

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