The definitive guide to AV Equipment management

Everything you should know as a gear cage manager

Hi, welcome to the page that will give you all the answers you are looking for. On managing equipment, that is. For other life questions, we refer you to Reddit.

All joking aside, this page is designed specifically for people wanting to know more about managing equipment, whether you just started in a company that has 100 pieces and no one ever knows where anything is, or you're a pro that has a meticulous system in place but wants to see how others do it.

We’ve got you covered with DIY sign-out sheets, gear cage tours, posters, and a guide to asset labels.

Have a look and take your pick!

This one’s for equipment management rookies

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Equipment (and office) managers take care of a whole lot of stuff. Literally – as in actual stuff – but also figuratively. They’re in charge of purchasing, renting, maintaining, repairing, and cleaning equipment. Inventorying, tracking, and auditing. Keeping everything organized. Managing bookings, reservations, and checkouts. Sounds familiar?

Below you’ll find some content that will help you in your never-ending quest to keep chaos at bay. We added plenty of best practices, tips and tricks to help you get a grip on gear management.

1. How to organize your equipment room

If your camera storage room needs decluttering or you are just building one, this video is for you. We'll share the top gear cage tips from equipment managers around the world.

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AV equipment posters

2. Equipment Room Posters

Everyone loves a good poster. Whether it's from your favorite band, movie, or just a joke. Since posters catch attention, we thought, why not make posters for the equipment room? Print and hang them in your gear room!

AV Equipment Trends 2023

3. The latest trends in equipment management

Practical tips & tricks to improve your life as an equipment manager

AV gear room

We’re all curious to see what other products people use, and if you're in AV it means you watch a lot of reviews. Have you always wondered what someone else’s equipment room looks like? Or how they've organized it? Scroll down to get an exclusive peek into some cool gear cages.

AV Check Out Agreement

1. The equipment sign-out sheet

The first step into structured equipment management is starting to track where your equipment is and who's currently using it.

2. Gear room tour: ATTN

Wondering how to run a gear cage and set up a well-organized production studio? Wait no more because you will get an awesome production studio tour at ATTN.

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3. Gear room tour: MediaMonks

Ronnie is a studio manager and camera operator and is responsible for managing the camera gear. He walks us through the gear, from ARRI cameras to QR-coded cables and a secret vault containing the most expensive equipment.

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Take it one step further

If you’re here, it means equipment management has no secrets for you anymore. Or does it? We gathered our three most-read pieces that people have been raving about. One helps you calculate the ROI (because you’re into making cool stuff, but it’s also still business, right?). See if you qualify for free asset labels. We’re generous like that! And we talk to Grammercy Park Studios.

AV ROI guide

1. The ROI of equipment management software

When investing in an equipment software solution like Cheqroom, businesses prioritize the amount of business value – or profit – the solution generates. In this eBook, we'll discuss Cheqroom's ROI through four dimensions: cost, time, productivity, and well-being.

Asset Tag Campaign ATF

3. Free asset labels to track all your gear

Request a free label starter pack that you can stick and hang on your gear so that you can instantly identify, check in or check out equipment anywhere with a quick scan of the QR tag.

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