Asset Management Software

Track and manage your assets in one centralized environment using our intuitive desktop or mobile app.

Safely store your equipment in one place

Access your equipment from any device, at any time. All of your inventory data is safely stored online, no matter what.

Monitor equipment information in real-time

Rest assured that CHEQROOM keeps your equipment info up-to-date and in the right location. It allows all stakeholders to access asset information in real-time and from any device.

Enable fast and accurate decisions

CHEQROOM speeds up the asset management process. Make swift and accurate decisions, thanks to your increased work efficiency and overall data transparency.

Monitor everything in one single equipment management software

Access your assets any way you like

CHEQROOM provides a clear overview of your equipment inventory in the cloud. Thanks to our intuitive mobile app, you can keep tabs on your assets wherever you are.

Import and export data with ease

Manual spreadsheets aren’t foolproof and require a lot of manpower. Import your equipment inventory data into CHEQROOM for a clean and transparent overview in real-time. Need to export data for a document? With CHEQROOMs equipment management software, it becomes child’s play.

Keep all equipment inventory information centralized

Add invoices, agreements, confidential files: CHEQROOM does it all! The days of trying to track your documents through several data silos are over.

Maintain a single view of your data

Arrange equipment into categories

Organize your equipment inventory into different categories for better equipment tracking. These categories will make life easier by providing a clear overview of all of your assets.

View all upcoming bookings

Take charge of your upcoming bookings with CHEQROOM. Get detailed information on all of your bookings and keep track of who’s responsible for each of your items.

Create a comprehensive audit trail

CHEQROOM provides real-time equipment monitoring for each and every asset in your database. Manage all of your assets 24/7 and create a complete audit trail of any transactions, activities and modifications to keep control of your assets.

Get clear equipment insights

Run asset reports

Keep track of who checked out your assets and where. CHEQROOM provides you with all necessary insights and statistics in an easy-to-use dashboard and asset management tool!

Get weekly and monthly updates

You no longer need to check for open reservations or checkouts. CHEQROOMs equipment management tool will send you automated reports every week or month!

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Equipment Booking

Schedule and monitor your equipment online using our reliable booking app

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Asset Tracking

Use asset tags and scan equipment by barcode or QR code

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