Keep your equipment organized

CHEQROOM’s asset management software keeps your equipment accessible in your own categories to track it more effectively. Keeping tabs on your assets is a breeze!

Achieve better teamwork

When you use CHEQROOM as a team, everyone will always know what’s going on and when their equipment is due back. Maintain your awareness of where each piece of equipment is going and who’s responsible for it.

Get detailed records & audits

CHEQROOM’s asset management software monitors every asset in your system all around the clock. We record and keep a detailed audit of all your activities and transactions, to make sure you keep control of the situation

Your whole inventory in one place

Move your manual inventory to the cloud

You can easily import your spreadsheets in CHEQROOM, allowing you to start managing your inventory in CHEQROOM right away!

Set categories for your equipment

With CHEQROOM, you can create your own categories for your own equipment. Personalize your inventory and add all types of colored labels to help with organizing and filtering. You know better how your assets are organized!

Attach supplementary information easily

Any additional files can be uploaded to every asset in your system easily and quickly. Photos, documents, receipts – with CHEQROOM, all your assets will always have all the information you need!

Better teamwork,
better equipment management

Never miss an update again

You and your team won’t have to do any manual record-keeping ever again. Our asset management software is always up-to-date and accurate!

Manage every user’s level of access

In CHEQROOM, you can assign roles and permissions to make sure your team functions seamlessly. The right people are always in charge of the right tasks!

Keep your team in the loop

With the calendar and equipment schedule easily visible to everyone, you can be sure all users know what’s going on at a glance.

24/7 Insights for better asset management

Run regular reports

When you have this much equipment that you have to manage it with professional asset management software, you’ll want to make sure you properly maintain your collection. CHEQROOM’s creates reports of what you have, how much it’s worth, what warranties remain on it, and a full audit trail of its usage

Get weekly and monthly updates

You no longer need to check for open reservations or checkouts. CHEQROOMs equipment management tool will send you automated reports every week or month!

Try CHEQROOM free for 15 days. No strings attached.

Never lose track of equipment again.