Save even more time with the new and improved CHEQROOM


We’ve been keeping to ourselves lately, we know, but that doesn’t mean it’s been quiet on the CHEQROOM front. On the contrary, we will soon be launching a brand new version of your beloved asset management system. What’s changing? Let’s take a look. A full UI overhaul Why change a winning horse? To offer you an even better horse, of… Read more

7 Essential Parts of a Watertight Equipment Sign Out Sheet


Maintaining a clean line of organization for your equipment is essential to reducing costs to our organization. One important piece of this puzzle is keeping track of your equipment with an equipment sign up out sheet. Losing track of your assets and equipment can become an expensive and tedious issue. Instead of having to go through the process of re-claiming… Read more

Dymo Asset Labeling Software


Do you use a DYMO LabelWriter in your office to label your equipment? Excellent! CHEQROOM can help you print specialized labels for each of your items that will work seamlessly with our mobile app. DYMO LabelWriters are efficient and used in across range of business environments. They’re versatile, with applications for dozens of different kinds of labels. And DYMO LabelWriters… Read more

Get More With a Little Help From Your Friends


As a dedicated user of CHEQROOM, you probably have friends and associates who might be able to use the service themselves. Maybe they’re a colleague who needs to track his own AV equipment assets, or a partner from a large project you’ve done in the past. Now, with the new referral program, you can spread around the advantages of using… Read more

3 Things to keep in Mind when Adding a Third Camera on Interview Shoots


Are you still using a one or two camera setup for shooting professional interviews and other video productions? Well, it might be a good idea to add a third camera to bring an extra dynamic to your productions. Here’s how you can do that: 1. Prepare Your Business For A Third Camera Shoot Adding a third camera requires additional equipment… Read more

Who’s got it? You know who, thanks to Custody!


What’s the key to lending out equipment? Ah, yes… being sure it gets properly returned. But getting it returned hinges on knowing who has it and since when. Since an hour ago? Yesterday? A week? What is that equipment doing out there and who is doing that with it. It’s what in police work, they might call establishing the “chain… Read more

All the C-Stand Basics You Need to Know

All the C-Stand Basics You Need to Know

As one of the most widely used pieces of equipment, the C-stand may be the first thing you come in contact with as a video producer or a production assistant. Here are all the C-stand basics and best practices you need to know. In Short & Usage Did you know that the “C” stands for “century,” which was the name… Read more

Equipment Back-to-School Checklist


It’s safe to say that school districts and universities are overwhelmingly challenged with tracking up to thousands of assets, including AV gear. As the new school year approaches, we would like to take the opportunity to help you prepare your inventory. 1. Identify your needs and inventory your expensive assets The first step is to inventory your expensive AV equipment…. Read more

The Biggest Equipment Challenges for Video Producers and Broadcasters


If you’re a video producer or broadcaster, your equipment can be tough to manage. You’re so immersed in your daily duties that you may fail to organize your AV inventory. As a result, you miss out on your potential for earnings and savings. It’s true that the AV industry can present a lot of equipment management challenges. How you respond… Read more

Best Practices for Using Your Inventory Asset Labels


Whether you manage a large or small inventory, it’s important to use asset labels to keep track of your valuable gear. Here are some of our best practices for using them. Improve efficiency and reduce extra inventory costs! Label your equipment with the appropiate material Labeling your valuable items makes it easier to stay in control of your inventory and… Read more