Ideas, Tips and Simple Ways to Make Inventory Management Easier and a Priority

Barcode tracking your AV gear

We’re fans of the AV industry at CHEQROOM, for multiple reasons. We’re gearheads and makers at heart, and we love…

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The benefits of a remote equipment management tool

Equipment management is challenging at the best of times. And these are certainly not the best of times: we’re in…

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How item availability makes the life of an equipment manager easier

‘Item availability’ is a key phrase in any equipment manager’s dictionary. Think about it. All the careful handling of equipment,…

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Equipment picking, a faster way to prepare reservations

Faster checkouts with Equipment Picking When you’re in charge of equipment you need to prepare reservations and do checkouts quickly…

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Equipment Management for schools and universities: the top 5 benefits

Organisations with enough equipment to warrant an equipment room, have every reason to take equipment management very seriously. Schools and…

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5 things every equipment manager should do

Being an equipment manager is not for everybody. Sure, aunts and uncles might think you just “take care of your…

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CHEQROOM in top 50 fastest growing technology companies in Belgium – Press Release

Ghent, October 5, 2021 – CHEQROOM, a start-up that makes equipment management software, has been nominated for the Deloitte Technology…

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equipment management ROI

Calculate the ROI of your AV equipment

Every business expenditure — from personnel to equipment in your inventory to software — is an investment in your company….

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how to wrap cables

How to wrap cables, two techniques that work

People wrap cables in a dozen different ways, and 10 of them are wrong. Chances are you have dabbled in…

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Equipment management universities

Is your AV equipment in tune for the new semester?

1. Learn from what went wrong So, you set up operations at the equipment room during the summer thinking that…

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cable management

Cable management best practices for the AV industry

It will come as no surprise for returning blog readers that we like our cables at CHEQROOM. More specifically, we…

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How schools and universities should manage their gear for less losses

Different organizations have different equipment management needs. Schools and universities for example. Some have complex, unique workflows. Others need large…

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