5 things you probably didn’t know about CHEQROOM

While we’ve learned lots about you and your company through working with you — the who’s, how many’s, what’s and where’s of your operation — we’re willing to bet you don’t know a lot about us. Being the friendly bunch that we are, we’d like to correct that situation, and tell you a little more…

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Easier equipment scheduling with Gantt charts

New feature: Easier equipment scheduling with Gantt charts

After having collected feedback and talking to hundreds of equipment managers, we’re excited to release a new version of CHEQROOM with much easier equipment scheduling thanks to our new Gantt chart view. This update shows equipment managers their equipment usage and planning across time. This new visualization lets you see what equipment is booked at…

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Feature announcement: Custom Dropdown Fields

Effective equipment management is all about capturing valuable information in a much better, faster and easier way. Less than a year ago, we added a new feature that lets you customize your CHEQROOM account with extra fields to fit your workflow. We’re now following up with a brand new product update: custom dropdown fields. The…

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Get one month of extra love and asset tracking!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time for us to start spreading the extra love(for asset tracking). Can you feel it? Because we sure can and we are ready to share it with you! So what does this mean? Simply refer us to one of your friends before February 14th and when they…

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Feature announcement: Category Browsing for better asset tracking!

Equipment Managers on CHEQROOM often have hundreds or thousands of pieces of gear they need to stay on top of. We want to make CHEQROOM as simple and fast as possible for them to get to the equipment they need. You asked. We listened. We’ve just added 2 new features to our mobile app, which…

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Email notifications help keep equipment running on schedule

You’ve got a great team. They’re all really good at what they do. But sometimes when things get busy, they might need a gentle reminder. Like, “your camera’s due back in today.” Or “Don’t forget to pick up your gear at 2:00PM.” Automatic reminders for you and your staff Thanks to CHEQROOM’s equipment scheduling software,…

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4 Key Users Who Need Access to your Asset Management Software

We’re very proud of CHEQROOM and we work hard to make it the best possible asset management software available. But we’ll be the first to admit that even a great program by itself can’t improve efficiency or ease of working. So before you start rolling out your new equipment management software, you need to make…

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3 Steps to Roll Out your New Equipment Management Software

Congratulations! You’ve chosen CHEQROOM as your equipment management software and taken the first step towards a more efficient and economical way to keep track of your assets. It’s very exciting but also a little bit scary. Never fear! CHEQROOM is with you from the very beginning… even before the beginning. First things first: make a…

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Our enhanced permissions let self-service users see their own check-outs

If you have CHERQROOM’s Self-Service module, you already know what a time-saver it can be. Allowing students and users to access CHEQROOM on their laptops or devices to make an equipment reservation means you don’t always have to be available to handle these routine tasks. And now with our newest changes to Permissions, we’ve added…

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Too many columns? List views now support horizontal scrolling

When you have a lot of information to show on list pages, you quickly find yourself having too many columns to fit on your screen. Sounds familiar? We’ve got something for you. In our latest release, we’ve moved the Action button to the first cell of each table, and it will only show when you…

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