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Outside broadcasting: all you need to know How are live events, like sports matches and concerts, brought to your screen in real time? We cover the basics of outside broadcasting, its key components, the role of OB engineers, and the setup of an OB truck. Let’s step inside an outside broadcasting truck!
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How to manage your school’s equipment room Different organizations have different equipment management needs. Schools and universities for example. Some have complex, unique workflows. Others need large volumes of students to collaborate and use equipment, with an important focus on different user roles.
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Blog Lites Studios underwater housing thumbnail
Beginner’s guide to professional underwater camera housing We went to the biggest underwater studio in Europe where we checked out the underwater film equipment must-haves. How does a water studio work? What do you need to consider when buying underwater camera housing? And how do you get started with underwater filming? Find out here!
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How to manage IT assets Managing your IT equipment properly can help you avoid problems and keep things running smoothly. Here are 7 benefits of a solid ITAM strategy and 7 best practices to get started.
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7 Equipment Room Quick Tips The road to unlocking the equipment room paradise! Efficiently manage and locate your gear, save time, and reduce stress with these 7 tips.
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Best tip for equipment managers: how to have complete equipment kits The time of incomplete gear kits is over. Here's our number 1 tip to prevent this in the future. Read more!
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Decide on which piece of gear to buy next based on your equipment data Ask yourself this: Do I REALLY know my gear? Which items are most popular, what to invest in next, and when to schedule maintenance? Gear reports are your answer.
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Your Definitive Guide to Asset Labeling It's our mission to help you manage & keep track of your valuable assets. A big part of that is knowing how to label your assets properly.
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Blog equipment audit
How to do an equipment audit For equipment rooms with over 50 items, used by 10+ people, or accommodating multiple shifts, regular auditing is essential. Unless you want to get fired. Just kidding! (But not really.)
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5 tips for efficiently managing and tracking loan-outs Lending out equipment to customers, employees or students has countless benefits, but it can end badly if not managed optimally. Here are a few tips!
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Easy Equipment Checkout System with spreadsheets Need a streamlined system for checking out gear? Use spreadsheets! But note, there are some downsides. Read more!
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Time to say goodbye to stereo? Immersive audio was THE hottest buzzword in audio this year. But does that mean that stereo is dead? 😱 Let’s see what Andrew Scheps has to say!
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