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All your gear & bookings, scheduled in one place

For every department, student, and teacher.

Keep your gear organized. And your students.

Get a handle on all the equipment students use. Keep your inventory up to date and track gear more easily. Oh and the best part? Students can manage the gear themselves or you can personalize their access. Flexible, fast, and always up to date.

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Easily make reservations

We’ve made it as easy as possible to look at an entire inventory at a glance. Handy for students that want to make their own reservation in the app.

Feature roles and permissions

Hold students accountable

With user roles and automatic notifications, e.g. via text message, we’ve eliminated every excuse for late returns.

Feature - Equipment calendar

Juggle several projects at once

Are students working on project-based courses or are many projects running at the same time? Enable them to reserve gear themselves and save yourself a headache or two.


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Cheqroom has great features and I highly recommend it to every school that is looking to manage their equipment room.

Lucas Cuny San Bernardino Valley College

How film students learn about camera gear with Cheqroom

CUNY Bronx Community College students have the unique opportunity to learn about camera gear. With Cheqroom, students have extra information on a piece of gear they want to use for their projects. The teachers advise them on the gear they need for their projects, while seeing what gear they booked. The program technicians track what gear is being used by which students, when they should return it, whether they miss gear for their project, if the gear got damaged, and much more.

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