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Bustle Digital Group Cheqroom has saves DBG a lot of headaches. They can organize their gear from LA and Brooklyn without having to think about double bookings.
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Origin Point See why this creative agency in LA labels all their gear
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Bronx Community College How Cheqroom helps film students learn about camera gear.
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ATTN: ATTN: is a media company, production studio, and creative agency that uses Cheqroom to manage its production gear. All the gear is organized and labeled.
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TED The team at Ted Conferences use their mobile to scan the barcodes on their gear and check out the equipment they need for their project.
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SIGMA With 3500+ cameras and lenses in inventory, the SIGMA team needed to find a better solution than spreadsheets to keep track of everything.
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Missouri State
Missouri State Missouri State University is a public university located in Springfield, Missouri, United States. Their department of media, journalism and film uses Cheqroom to manage over 2000 pieces of AV equipment.
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Denison University
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Purplepass PurplePass is a San Diego based event ticketing company. They sell tickets online and rent out equipment to scan an sell tickets at events. Gabriel Afana has been the company’s CEO for over 10 years.
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We just needed a straightforward way to track where our equipment was going, who was responsible for it, and when it was coming back. MARRS at Duke University
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The thing we like most about Cheqroom is the ability that students have to reserve their own gear. The College of Communication & Information at Kent State has about 7000 items available for students to checkout.
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