Equipment Checkout Software

Simplify the checkout process using CHEQROOM’s equipment checkout software and barcode scanning app

Eliminate Spreadsheets

Check out equipment and just scan QR code labels for instant and accurate data entry. All from your mobile device, no more paperwork or any equipment checkout form required!

Check in & out on the fly

Control your equipment from your smartphone and check in/check out assets on the go. With around-the-clock access from anywhere and any device. You can do it whenever you want, in real-time!

Ensure Accountability

Enable and use self-service check in of your equipment. Simply let all your users create their accounts and login to make checkouts themselves!

From any location

24/7 Equipment Checkout

Check out from multiple locations

Keep track of your fixed assets across multiple locations. Manage your equipment from anywhere.

Scan barcodes for fast equipment checkout

Simply scan an item's barcode to check it out in just a few minutes! Paperless and convenient.

Enable self-service checkin

Let users create their accounts & make reservations and checkouts themselves. Save time and hassle!

Agreements & Usage

More accountability, less loss

Generate loan agreements

Generate agreements from a template every time there is a checkout with the software.

Sign-off digitally

Let people sign a check-out agreement digitally and have it shared and saved automatically.

Track who is using your gear

Make sure you never miss who has what or when it’s due back ever again!


Send automated reminders

Send alerts and reminders

Send automated emails and mobile notifications with the Zapier integration for CHEQROOM. Fast and easy!

No more late returns

Users are notified when items they checked out are almost due back. So they have no more excuses to let them go overdue.

Stay on top of maintenance

If an item needs cleaning or repair, users can flag it to let you know it needs maintenance.

Slack integration

Get notified in your Slack channel

Keep an eye on checkouts

Instantly get notified in your Slack channel whenever an item is checked out our booked.

Avoid late returns

No need to chase down equipment anymore: get notified when items haven't been returned and start a conversation with the person who's responsible.

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Never lose track of equipment again.