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Equipment Checkout Software

How do you keep track of who has which equipment in your organization? If the answer is ‘Excel’, it may be time for an upgrade. Equipment Check Out Software takes care of that issue.

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What is Equipment Check Out Software – and why do I need it?

Equipment Check Out Software is a software solution designed to streamline and automate the process of managing equipment checkouts in various settings, such as educational institutions, businesses, and organizations.

Small businesses often start keeping track of equipment with pen and paper or in Excel sheets. This is a good start, but as soon as the business grows, so does the equipment count and the amount of users. It becomes increasingly harder to keep all information up-to-date. Not having real-time information can start to impact operations.

With equipment checkout software, you can track who is using your equipment. Avoid overlapping equipment bookings, ensure optimal rotation efficiency, and know when and whichever material is needed, all by scanning your equipment and analyzing the reports from a central database.

The benefits of equipment check out software

Equipment availability

View real-time information about equipment availability, including current reservations, returns, and maintenance schedules.

Reservation management

Users can easily make equipment reservations, specifying the desired time slots or dates. The software can handle conflicting bookings and prevent double bookings.

Empower people

Administrators can set user roles and permissions to control who can make bookings, modify reservations, or check out specific equipment categories.


Integration with popular calendar applications enables users to synchronize their reservations and receive reminders or notifications about upcoming bookings.

Reporting and analytics

Reports and analytics on equipment usage, reservation patterns, and other relevant data to help administrators make informed decisions about equipment allocation and maintenance.

Equipment check-in / check-out

Use barcode scanning functionality and digital signatures to streamline the check-in and check-out processes.


"The scanning option is probably the feature I love the most, as you can get all the info you need with just one scan."

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Enable self-service check-outs

Speed up operations by automating equipment bookings, check-outs, and returns. And the best part is, notifications are sent automatically to remind people to bring back their gear in time. It’s not magic, but almost.

Keep Track Of Equipment

Keep track of your equipment

Track who’s using what, where it is and when it’s due back. Check your inventory at any time from your app. No more chasing gear: you have all the information you need in the palm of your hand.

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Reports that tell a story

What equipment is most used? What to buy next? How to convince others you need to invest in new gear? That’s where reports become your sidekick. Check your equipment’s performance, usage, value, and depreciation at a glance. Need to make a case? Export the PDF and share it.

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Good agreements make good friends

Increase accountability with an equipment loan agreement at check out. The signed documents are stored digitally and prevent late returns and equipment losses.

Equipment reservations

Be the (wo)man with the plan

Make online equipment reservations and immediately see which items are available, reserved, checked out, or under maintenance. Prepare check-outs in advance and make sure the right equipment goes with the right person at the right time.


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