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The best tool to manage
professional AV equipment

Our cloud-based equipment management platform enables you to track and protect your frequently moving equipment - and the stored content - from anywhere on the planet.

A centralized hub for all your gear

Track each camera, lens, and even the tiniest SD card. Group gear per project, owner, and/or shooting location and schedule accordingly to get everything back in the gear cage safely and on time.

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Lightning-fast access to all your inventory information

Automatic image attachments to see images in a flash

Never miss a shoot or production with the calendar view

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Bundle up with equipment kits

Group items that are used together often using Kits. Create your camera kits and ensure your crew always has everything they need.

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Important and valuable gear

Keep a close eye on your most precious gear to stay in the know about its condition and whereabouts.

  • Unique tracking
  • Schedule maintenance
  • Track depreciation
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Accessories & large quantities

Manage items that you have in large quantities and that have a low purchase value, such as cables, SD cards, etc.

  • Non-unique tracking
  • Manage quantities
  • Add them to Kits
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Keep moving. Manage your equipment on the go

Allow your crew to manage equipment from anywhere at any time.

More than a mobile app

Scan barcodes with our built-in scanner. Access your inventory history with just one scan.

Never leave an item behind

Not even the lens cap. Ensure all your gear is actually with you, whether on location, in the OB truck, or back at the gear cage.

Flag stuff to fix

Is your equipment dirty, out of battery, or broken? Inform users about the latest gear condition with a flag.

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Put an end to double bookings.

Great. Someone else took off with your gear. Sounds familiar? Eliminate double-bookings with Cheqroom’s reservation process.

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Make your case

Back up your purchasing decisions with real-time data. Cheqroom helps you make the right purchasing decision. Discover what camera to buy next, the times you ran low in inventory, or the equipment you should get rid of.


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Since using Cheqroom we have seen a considerable decrease in lost items and items that come back broken.

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It’s time. Invest in the best equipment management software for AV gear

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