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Label your equipment with asset labels

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Secure your assets with asset tags

CHEQROOM offers a range of general high-quality stickers and labels, and supports a wide array of labels and stickers for all types of uses. Choose from 3 different sizes, use your existing asset labels or create your own using the CHEQROOM app or a DYMO LabelWriter.

We also provide custom labels of all types, all of which can take a beating from frequent use!

Track equipment like a pro

CHEQROOM lets you scan your way to effective equipment management! Track expensive assets with a cabled or Bluetooth scanner – or your smartphone, and easily pinpoint the location of your assets.

You quickly retrieve asset information with a simple scan of a QR or barcode, share it with your team and take action where needed. Simply put, scan your way to effective equipment management!

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Stay on top of your equipment’s performance

Do you want to check the status of your equipment anywhere you go? CHEQROOM’s labeling and scanning solutions enable 24/7 access from any device. Follow up on equipment status, reservations, documents – all in real-time.

Access your equipment from any device

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Buy your durable vinyl stickers

CHEQROOM offers three types of labels:

  • Round labels: 38mm or 1.5” in diameter, suitable for labeling gear like laptops, keyboards and hard drives.

  • Small labels: 22mm or 0.86” square, suitable for labeling small pieces of equipment and parts, like memory cards, camera lenses and lens cap

  • Custom labels: durable and scratch-resistant

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Print labels yourself

In CHEQROOM, you can easily create free custom QR code stickers to meet the equipment and application requirements of your business. Print them in different sizes and colors, using any printer (e.g. Dymo Labelwriter).

Custom printed labels with your logo?

Other sizes and types of labels are available upon request. Feel free to contact us for additional QR code solutions!

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