Asset Tracking Software

Manage and maintain your inventory more efficiently with CHEQROOM asset tracking software.

Scan equipment wherever you are

Review or check out physical assets more easily with a quick scan of each item’s barcode, whether you are at work or on the road. Eliminate paper without losing control over your inventory.

Keep track of equipment locations

Stop losing assets. No matter the size of your inventory, CHEQROOM's asset tracking app allows you to keep meticulous records of all of your equipment locations and access them with the click of a button.

Create & control audit trails

Keep an overview of your assets and improve accountability among your employees. Create and control digital audit trails that are easily accessible from anywhere, at any time.

Scan equipment QR codes and barcodes

Perform check-outs and bookings on the fly

Don’t waste time on complicated check-out processes. With CHEQROOM, you can use the mobile app or external barcode scanner to check on any item on the go within seconds.

Reduce the amount of errors in your database

Take human error out of the equation. Our easy scanning process is virtually fail-safe and significantly reduces the amount of errors in your administration.

Flag equipment for repair

Something not working as it should? Flag your equipment for repair or schedule regular maintenance to improve equipment lifetimes and equipment tracking in general. Add photos for clear referencing.

Use GPS and geo locations

Keep track of where items were last scanned

Pull up a list of your items’ scan history within seconds. That way, you can see where anything was last scanned, making it easier to retrieve.

Identify missing or misplaced equipment

Recover lost or misplaced assets with ease thanks to CHEQROOM’s GPS and geo location equipment tracking and where the equipment was last scanned.

Increase asset accountability

Reduce theft and disputes by increasing your asset accountability. With CHEQROOM, you can locate all of your assets in real-time.

Meet audit requirements

Monitor your valuable equipment

Create and maintain an undisputable digital trail of all assets for monitoring purposes and swift auditing.

Plan recurring inspections, calibrations and maintenance

Avoid asset downtime with planned inspections, calibrations and maintenance. In case of any technical problems, equipment can be flagged on the spot and repaired much more efficiently.

Stay on top of custodians

Encourage ownership of all assets. CHEQROOM makes it easy to assign custody for every item or even generate PDF check-out agreements on the spot.

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Never lose track of equipment again.