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A new approach to equipment inventory tracking

Our Story

The idea for CHEQROOM sprouted a couple of years ago, when Vincent Theeten was the head of an IT department of a 30-person company. Next to his role as manager of the software team, he was also responsible for managing all IT equipment. Frustrated about the hours of valuable time and the many items that got lost, he scoured the market to find a simple and affordable tracking system for his equipment but found nothing to meet his needs. The result: a revolutionary different approach to equipment tracking that replaces barcode scanners and complex, oversized software solutions with one simple, in the cloud web application. CHEQROOM allows users to register, manage and track their equipment anywhere, at any time.

Our core values

CHEQROOM will continue to evolve with time, but these values will stay the same:
  • It must be easy to use
  • It must be collaborative
  • It must go to where the users are
  • It must be a repository for everything equipment-related
  • It must help make better equipment investments


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It’s all about the people

Meet our team

Get to know the people behind CHEQROOM. Our creative and technical team.

Vincent Theeten

CEO & Founder

Katalin Majoros


Mathilde Vanden Berghe


Wendy De Vos

Customer Success

Jeroen Verhoest

Software Development

Charlotte Thiry


Dries Hooghe

Full-stack Development

Eveline Hennin

Office Manager

Karel Verschraegen

Full-stack Development

Maëlle Boone

Customer Success

Marie-Helene Sarapuu


Frederik Deprez

Full-stack development

Sofie Vanspeybroeck


Kevin Boone

Video Marketing
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