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Welcome to our playground & meet our players. 👋

The media and technology space is fast in pace and high in speed. We need to keep up. We play hard and work even harder. Everyone is picked based on skills, expertise and cultural fit. We’re all different individuals that don’t take ourselves too seriously, the one thing we do have in common is that we want to make CHEQROOM a success. Oh and just so you know, we grow our own office peppers. We’ll let you form an opinion on that 🌶️

Meet The Team

Vincent TheetenVincent Theeten
Vincent Theeten
CEO & Founder
Mathilde Vanden BergheMathilde Vanden Berghe
Mathilde Vanden Berghe
Account Executive
Jeroen VerhoestJeroen Verhoest
Jeroen Verhoest
Software Developer
Dries HoogheDries Hooghe
Dries Hooghe
Software Developer
Eveline HenninEveline Hennin
Eveline Hennin
Office Manager
Karel VerschraegenKarel Verschraegen
Karel Verschraegen
Software Developer
Marie-Helene SarapuuMarie-Helene Sarapuu
Marie-Helene Sarapuu
Video Producer
Frederik DeprezFrederik Deprez
Frederik Deprez
Software Developer

Barbara DesmyterBarbara Desmyter
Barbara Desmyter
Account Executive

Francesca BassanFrancesca Bassan
Francesca Bassan
Customer Success Manager

Diederik SyoenDiederik Syoen
Diederik Syoen
Head Of Marketing
Aäron ClaerhoutAäron Claerhout
Aäron Claerhout
Customer Success manager
Eveline Van BelleEveline Van Belle
Eveline Van Belle
Head of People
Mike VerfaillieMike Verfaillie
Mike Verfaillie
Software Developer
Hana BelbecirHana Belbecir
Hana Belbecir
Content Marketer
Kurt DelaplaceKurt Delaplace
Kurt Delaplace
Software Developer
Federico FizFederico Fiz
Federico Fiz
Head of Finance
Samia SuysSamia Suys
Samia Suys
Head of Product
Maria Alejandra Benitez BedoyaMaria Alejandra Benitez Bedoya
Maria Alejandra Benitez Bedoya
Product Marketeer
Vasileia VogiatziVasileia Vogiatzi
Vasileia Vogiatzi
Account Executive
Sarah VandenheedeSarah Vandenheede
Sarah Vandenheede
HR Advisor
Charlotte Vanden BusscheCharlotte Vanden Bussche
Charlotte Vanden Bussche
Product Manager
Ewoud SurmontEwoud Surmont
Ewoud Surmont
Product Designer
Raf VanpuyveldeRaf Vanpuyvelde
Raf Vanpuyvelde
Fullstack Developer
Bert CoppensBert Coppens
Bert Coppens
Software Engineer
Andy Servet JouveAndy Servet Jouve
Andy Servet Jouve
Customer Support
Benjamin VereeckenBenjamin Vereecken
Benjamin Vereecken
Financial Controller
Carina MoraisCarina Morais
Carina Morais
HR Recruiter
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Account Executive
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John Doe
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