Equipment Booking Software

Give your team a direct line to your equipment. Avoid the back-and-forth, and let users reserve gear that is available.

Plan like a pro

With instant access and confirmation, you can confidently plan your next shoot and book your gear. No more danger of double bookings.

Know instantly what’s available

No more “let me get back to you.” CHEQROOM lets you see right now what’s onsite, what’s available to book and what’s down for maintenance.

Let your team work in a more flexible way

Everyone has access to the same information at the same time, so there’s more coordination and more flexibility.

Booking reservations wherever you are

Make your bookings error-proof

You can book your equipment any time of the day or night. No more scribbled notes or hasty emails, or crossing your fingers hoping your booking is solid.

Make reservations on the fly

Book new reservations or make quick changes wherever you are. With CHEQROOM’s asset tracking software on your mobile device, all it takes is a few taps and you’re good to go.

Let your calendars talk to each other

You can sync CHEQROOM with your iCal or Outlook so all your bookings automatically appear in the same places. That’s one less step and one less possibility for confusion.

Working more quickly and nimbly

Designate access and responsibility

You can grant system access and responsibility to users you designate, to allow for maximum accountability and security. Meanwhile, you’re always able to monitor inventory and booking changes in real time.

Enable self-service for more flexibility

Instant access and self-service let you and your team share tasks and handle the job in the simplest, most flexible way possible.

Encourage autonomy with self-service module

Allowing individual team members to make equipment bookings themselves not only saves time, it also encourages them to work more independently and take more responsibility. That’s a great morale-booster!

Real-time inventory availability and notifications

Get an instant overview of booked equipment

CHEQROOM’s asset tracking software updates the schedule in real time, so you’ll know instantly what equipment is onsite, what’s been checked out and when it’s due back.

Send alerts and reminders to your team

CHEQROOM lets you send automated emails and text messages for due — and overdue — items. No more chasing down AWOL equipment.

Try CHEQROOM free for 15 days. No strings attached.

Never lose track of equipment again.