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Schedule and monitor your equipment online using our reliable booking app

View your bookings instantly

Which bookings will be checked out today? CHEQROOM has a clean, simple, intuitive interface that lets you review all your bookings instantly and effortlessly. No confusion!

Seamlessly integrate with your Calendar

CHEQROOM is integrated with all calendar applications, so your bookings show up automatically. Your equipment planning is always in your pocket.

Avoid double bookings

CHEQROOM warns you when there’s a conflict in a planned booking before it happens, so you never have the same equipment double booked again!

Stay on top of your equipment

Integrate with iCal

CHEQROOM links to your Outlook or GMail calendar, so all your bookings go in the same place.

Review your bookings by week

CHEQROOM lets you sort your bookings by week, so you can plan ahead. Who will be checking out what and when? With CHEQROOM, you are always on top of it!

Simplify your bookings

Enable better teamwork

As the admin, you can create and define user categories and responsibilities, tailored to what you need to ensure equipment accountability. CHEQROOM lets you work with your team in the way that’s best for you, so you can keep track of inventory changes in real-time!

Enjoy the benefits of the Self-Service Module

With the Self-Service Module. you can give your team the power to see and book equipment for themselves. Now you can book items for checkout yourself, or have your sales reps do it through the self-service module, whatever works best for you and your team!

Manage availability like a pro

Get quick, simple overview of what’s available, and what’s not

CHEQROOM gives you clear, simple, up-to-date overview of what equipment is on site. You will always know what is due and what is overdue.

Send alerts and reminders

CHEQROOM now integrates with Zapier, so you can send automated emails and text messages for due and overdue items. Click and done!

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Asset Tracking

Use asset tags and scan equipment by barcode or QR code

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