equipment booking software

Equipment Booking Software

Give your team a direct line to your equipment. Avoid the back-and-forth, and let users reserve available equipment.

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Eliminate spreadsheets

Scan QR code labels for instant and accurate data entry. All from your phone, no more paperwork or any equipment checkout form required!

Check in & out on the fly

Keep your equipment in check with your phone and make asset bookings on the go. Get around-the-clock access to real-time info from anywhere and any device.

Ensure accountability

Let users book and check out their own equipment: making them more accountable and saving you a lot of time.

equipment reservation software
From any location

24/7 Equipment reservation software

Make equipment bookings error-proof: no more scribbled notes, hasty emails or double bookings. Our asset tracking app has all real-time booking info & syncs with your calendar. Wherever you are.

“The app is pretty incredible and easy to use. It helps you to be more efficient when you’re on the fly to book your equipment.”

Alex Hinge
Alex Hinge
Gramercy Park Studios
notifications for equipment booking
Access & accountability

Give access to your equipment

Grant system access to users (use SSO for maximum security), let them book their own equipment and sign a digital agreement at pickup. You’ll be saving a lot of time and they’ll be accountable for the assets they use.

My colleagues no longer call me to ask about equipment’s availably. They just quickly check it in CHEQROOM.

Mike McLaughlin
Mike McLaughlin
Whistle Sports
Notifications for equipment booking
always up-to-daye

Set automatic notifications

Send automated emails, push, SMS notifications or start a Slack conversation whenever equipment is past due. No more chasing down AWOL equipment.

In the past, we would manually email our clients trying to hunt down late returns. Now CHEQROOM does the dirty work.

Gabriel Afana
Gabriel Afana

The all-in-one equipment booking solution

Equipment booking software that simplifies scheduling and supercharges your equipment room

Built-in Scanner

Use our mobile app on your phone to scan assets’ QR and barcodes. No need to buy any hardware.

24/7 Equipment Booking

Simplify the way you manage your equipment reservations. Start free today. No strings attached