Solution stage and lighting equipment
Stage and lighting

Cast light on your equipment

Whether you work with lighting, trusses, ladders, or any other scenic equipment, Cheqroom is the only solution with the flexibility to support your entire workflow.

Set the stage for success

Track each PAR, moving head, controller, and even trusses in one place. Manage battery packs, assign consoles to users, and schedule equipment accordingly to get everything back in the gear cage safely.

Feature- overview

Get visual cues

Help non-technical users recognize equipment with automated image attachments.

View from the balcony

Know where your equipment is and who’s responsible for it. Access all your inventory information in a flash.

Prepare your gear

Know which events are taking place next and prepare your equipment in advance.

Feature - kits

Bundle up

Group items that are used together often into kits. Ensure no battery, light, or cable is left behind. and ensure your crew always has everything they need.

Group 420

Important and valuable gear

Keep a close eye on your most precious gear to stay in the know about its condition and whereabouts.

  • Unique tracking.
  • Schedule maintenance.
  • Track depreciation.
Lighting bulk items

Accessories & large quantities

Manage items that you have in large quantities and have a low purchase value, such as cables, SD cards, etc.

  • Non-unique tracking.
  • Manage quantities.
  • Add them to Kits.
Feature - mobile app

Keep things moving. Manage your equipment on the go

The show must go on. Whenever. Wherever. Allow your crew to access and manage equipment from anywhere, at any time, always with up-to-date information.

More than a mobile app

Scan barcodes with our built-in scanner. Access your inventory history and detailed information with just one scan.

Leave no asset behind

Not even the lens cap. Ensure all your equipment is actually with you, whether you are on location, in the truck, or back at the gear cage.

Fun with flags

Is your equipment dirty, out of battery, or broken? Inform the crew or let users flag items requiring extra TLC. Plan maintenance immediately.

It’s time — Invest in the
best equipment management software for stage and lighting equipment.


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Since using Cheqroom, we have seen a considerable decrease in lost items and items that come back broken.

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