Equipment Scheduling Software

Simplify and streamline your equipment bookings with our all-in-one equipment scheduling tool.

equipment scheduling software

Get automatic updates of your equipment schedule

Get a real-time overview of all equipment bookings and use — who has reserved what equipment, what’s out, what’s been checked back in, and what’s overdue. Super convenient!

Schedule reservations on the fly

Our mobile app means hassle-free access to the schedule wherever you are, in the workplace or in the field!

Give your users more control

Individual users can stay uber-connected, even sync their equipment scheduling with other apps, such as iCal, Outlook or Gmail.


Always up-to-date equipment scheduling

Say goodbye to manual booking entries

CHEQROOM’s calendars fit everyone’s needs and accommodate all devices. No more manual work!

Sync your calendars with iCal

All users can stay uber-connected and even sync their equipment schedule with other apps, such as iCal, Outlook or Gmail.


Encourage better teamwork

Keep everyone in the loop

Make sure everyone can easily see and refer to the equipment schedule. For example, by displaying it on a big video screen in a common area of the office or workplace.

Send automated reminders

Keep everyone in the loop at all times with email, push, and SMS notifications automatically sent by our equipment scheduling system.

Always up-to-date

Get the job done faster & smarter

Manage bookings more effectively

Get a clear inventory schedule: no more double bookings, dropped bookings or lost gear. Go for easier collaboration and more efficient equipment management.

The right inventory in the right place

Keep your equipment rooms organized with a concise inventory schedule.

Slack integration

Use Slack to keep track of scheduling

Keep an eye on scheduling

Follow up on equipment scheduling right from your Slack channel.

No overdue equipment

Make sure items are always back when they are due by sending Slack notifications to whoever has them in their custody.

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“The calendar is the first thing I look at every morning when I get to the office so that I can stay ahead of scheduling conflicts.”
Mike McLaughlin
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