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Equipment scheduling software

We’ve all been there: colleague A was planning on using a car, only to find another colleague is still on the road with it. They take another car, and the problem continues further until no one knows who booked what. The solution? Centralize the planning with equipment scheduling software and make it easy for everyone to stick to the plan(ning).

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What is equipment scheduling software – and why should I care?

Equipment scheduling software helps you allocate assets to projects and/or customers. Basically, it allows you to keep track of your equipment, and put them to use in the most efficient and smart way possible. It centralizes all information on your equipment: its maintenance status, users, allocated projects, pipelines etc.

The benefits of equipment scheduling

Plan more efficiently

Never wonder which spreadsheet has the latest status update again. With equipment scheduling software, you establish a single source of truth that allows for more efficient planning.

Get automatic updates of your equipment schedule

Get a real-time overview of all equipment bookings and use — who has reserved what equipment, what’s out, what’s been checked back in, and what’s overdue. Super convenient!

Gain real-time business intelligence

The right equipment scheduling software provides real-time business intelligence via reports, analytics and dashboards. Make effective business decisions based on realiable, up-to-date facts.

"The equipment schedule is the first thing I look at every morning when I get to the office so I can stay ahead of scheduling conflicts."

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Encourage better teamwork

Keep your team in the loop by giving them access to the equipment schedule and remind them about due dates with automated email, push, Slack or SMS reminders sent by our equipment scheduling system.

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Get the job done faster & smarter

Our equipment scheduling system gives you a clear overview of your schedule: no more double bookings or lost gear. Plus, it has all your equipment info in one place and helps you keep your equipment rooms organized.

How much does equipment scheduling software cost?

The million dollar question, right? Luckily, “a million dollars” isn’t the answer. What is? The cost of equipment scheduling software depends on several factors – like the amount of equipment, how valuable it is and how many people will need to use it.

But of course, you know all that. You just want a rough estimate. And we’ve got you covered! Our pricing page features a tool that lets you add in your specific parameters, for a pricing estimate tailored to you.

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