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Hassle-free gear management for gear makers

Designing and manufacturing electronic devices requires many things: expertise, precision… and knowing where all your tools, components, and other equipment is at all times. Keep track of all the bits and pieces.

Everything in its right place

Electronic devices and components are everywhere. But in the R&D offices and on the production floor, the gear you need often isn’t where it’s supposed to be. Know where every piece of equipment is at all times and experience maximum peace of mind with Cheqroom’s best-in-class inventory tracking.

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Feature Image recognition

Up your equipment-recognition game

Have you seen the dogleg reamer, the triple tap, or the flat bastard file? Cheqroom automatically attaches images to your gear, making it easy to recognize and find even the most outlandish – and ridiculously named – assembly tools.

Feature - Equipment flags

Protect critical gear

Few things are more frustrating than having to delay projects because that one piece of gear finally broke down. That’s why Cheqroom lets you and your colleagues flag items that are at risk on the spot, for quick follow-up and easy (re-)scheduling. No delays, no bottlenecks, just all the quality gear you need to make quality gear.

Feature - Reports

Predict and plan equipment use

Move over, predictive maintenance: meet ‘predictive equipment management’. Gain valuable insights in how gear is being used in your organization, and maximize equipment availability by being smart about new purchases and/or repair and maintenance planning.

Feature roles and permissions

Open up to your colleagues

About whatever you want, really, but mostly about the status of equipment. Keep them in the loop on gear location, availability, maintenance planning, condition, and reservations – and enjoy the drop in questions and interruptions.



Having everything in one spot saves us a lot of time and money.

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