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Reservations & check-outs

The right gear, in the right hands, at the right time.

Cheqroom covers your entire equipment management workflow, from smooth reservations to flawless check-ins. Easily prepare gear for check-out, set up a reliable self-service booking, increase user accountability, and get the right tools to the right team faster.

Feature - Reservations

Get real about reservations

Say goodbye to endless e-mails and double bookings. Cheqroom syncs reservations with your calendar in real-time for reliable scheduling. Or let your team in on the fun with access to the equipment schedule and self-service reservations. Are things getting crazy? Restrict bookings or equipment as you see fit – you’re the boss, after all.

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No item left behind

When it comes to a successful project, every item counts, regardless of cost. Missing a battery can be just as disastrous as forgetting a microphone. With Cheqroom, you can include accessories in reservations and check-outs and even specify the required quantity.

Feature - Equipment picking

Nit-picking about equipment picking

Speed up check-outs by preparing reserved items with a simple scan. Easily add items to an existing reservation, or replace gear to resolve conflicts. Make sure you leave no asset behind.

Feature - Equipment calendar

Confident check-outs

Get the right gear in the right hands fast and reliably with Cheqroom’s unique checkout flow. Scan and identify equipment with any USB scanner or smartphone and ensure it is where it should be. Make users sign (custom) agreements to increase accountability and get your gear back on time.

Feature - utilization reports

Optimize equipment room flow

Too many reservations and checkouts/ins all at once? Limit the number of people picking up or bringing back gear simultaneously with the Calendar View.


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Cheqroom's reservation system is great because it takes out most of the work from me and puts it into the system.

Simon Philip Sundgaard Technical Manager at DreamHack Sports Games
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