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What is equipment management software – and why do I need it?

Equipment management software – or EMS for short – helps you manage your equipment inventory, make reservations and keep track of your equipment’s status and location, all in one central database.

equipment management software

Does your company have a lot of expensive or valuable equipment, like computers, cameras, or other big pieces of tech? Then having the right tools to manage and track them is essential – particularly if you rent them out or have different people using them.

With equipment management software, you can have a clear and comprehensive overview of all your equipment, including location, usage, maintenance history, and more.

The benefits of equipment management software

Keep track of your equipment

Know where your equipment is at all times, as well as who's using it. Get notified when your gear is in need of maintenance or repair, or when it needs to be checked back in.

Optimize your workflows

With all your equipment tracked in a single database, keeping the overview is easier than ever. Checking out equipment, assigning a new owner, or even inventory checks are done at the click of a button.

Make better decisions

Get insights on the usage and condition of your items and start making informed decisions regarding usage, warranty, and future purchases.

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