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The best workflow to manage your IT stack

House all your laptops, headsets, projectors, and other valuable assets in Cheqroom. Our intuitive yet powerful platform gives you a complete overview of your equipment.

Bring all your assets together

Fewer emails requesting approval to use equipment- Allow multiple teams to access up-to-date information on IT gear.

Feature- Cheqroom overview

Make inventory accessible to everyone

Get visual with automatic image attachments

Go back in time with the timeline feature

Feature - custody

Give full custody of your assets

Assign items or kits to users for longer periods of time. Hold them accountable

Feature - Reports

Look into the data

Our up-to-date reports allow you to identify the busiest times in your equipment room, the most used assets, or the times when your inventory runs low.

Feature - Equipment flags

Fun with flags

Flag your equipment when it’s broken, in repair, or in maintenance, and inform users about the latest gear condition with flags.

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You’re in control

Control user access to specific features and create roles with customizable permissions.


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The overall workflow is just so much nicer. The software is reliable and stops a lot of mistakes from happening.

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It’s time. Invest in the best equipment management software for IT gear

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