Equipment Maintenance Software

Take full control of your maintenance activities

Run all your equipment maintenance and achieve improved reliability with CHEQROOM!

Keep your equipment in working order

Keep your equipment in working order

Bad maintenance practices means your equipment degrades. It breaks down more quickly, leading to expensive replacements and repairs. CHEQROOMs equipment helps you make sure your equipment stays in top shape!

Stay on top of items in maintenance

Stay on top of items in maintenance

When you can’t keep your equipment maintained, it breaks down and stops working prematurely. It’s always cheaper in the long run to take care of your equipment. CHEQROOM helps you manage and oversee your equipment maintenance!

Keep track of equipment under maintenance

Keep track of equipment under maintenance

Need to know which items are being maintained or repaired, and when they’ll be done? Use CHEQROOM's equipment maintenance software to keep track of all of it!

Plan equipment maintenance like a pro

  • Schedule maintenance and repairs

    You need your equipment to be available on your schedule. With CHEQROOM, you can make sure your equipmaintenance is arranged and scheduled in advance.

  • Reduce downtime, improve availability!

    With CHEQROOM, you can stay on top of the individual schedules for your equipment maintenance items. Eliminate redundancies and maximize uptime!

Plan equipment maintenance

Report equipment problems

  • Identify recurring problems

    As a CHEQROOM admin, you can define user categories, with roles and access tailored to what you need. Work with your team your way, and keep track of inventory changes in real-time!

  • Flag equipment, get alerts

    Is a piece of equipment malfunctioning? You can flag it on the go with the CHEQROOM app and get notifications for them sent directly to you so you can act.

Flag damaged equipment

Manage inspection and repairs

  • Store inspection and repair data

    Keep your records of maintenance and repairs centralized in the CHEQROOM app. You can also add pictures, invoices, or anything else you might need.

  • Your equipment maintenance log

    Inspect and review all the maintenance records for any particular piece of equipment.

Maintenance history
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