Equipment Maintenance Software

Run all your equipment maintenance and achieve improved reliability with CHEQROOM!

Schedule your maintenance like a pro

With CHEQROOM’s comprehensive overview of equipment and schedules, you can plan maintenance to go with the (work)flow. Eliminate redundancy and double-bookings, and maximize uptime.

Make your asset maintenance more effective

Out-of-service equipment means lost time and money. Let CHEQROOM help you move your assets through maintenance and repair, and back into inventory, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Quickly resolve maintenance issues

Got a glitch out in the field? Let homebase know immediately so they can respond just as quickly to help you resolve the issue.

Improved equipment maintenance planning

Schedule preventive maintenance and repairs

Instead of reacting to equipment failures, you can proactively schedule preventive maintenance and minimize expensive repairs or replacements.

Improve inventory availability for your team

With CHEQROOM, your entire team can have access to vital information on equipment availability, so they’ll be ready to roll when it’s time to grab and go.

Prolong the lifetime of your items

With regular preventive equipment maintenance and care, you can get more years, more miles and more projects out of your assets. Your budget manager will love you.

Reporting inventory problems wherever you are

Identify recurring problems

With a complete usage and maintenance log of all your assets, you’ll be able to easily spot recurring issues and trouble spots.

Flag equipment, get alerts

CHEQROOM lets you identify specific items and receive real-time alerts for usage, maintenance, status, etc.

Inspection & repair management

Set up your own maintenance policy

With CHEQROOM, it’s super easy to define user roles and categories so you can designate team members to be responsible for maintenance. And you can schedule regular equipment maintenance at intervals that make sense for your business!

Centralize inspection and repair data

Forget struggling with multiple record-keeping systems. You’ll have all of your data in one integrated, easily accessible program that’s always available.

Your equipment maintenance log

Inspect and review all the maintenance records for any particular piece of equipment.

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Never lose track of equipment again.