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The tool management system that changes everything

CHEQROOM offers all-in-one tool management software. Get full control over your tools, know where they are at, who is using them and when they are due back.

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Keep track of your valuable tools

Know what tools you have, and track where they are at all times. See who is using your equipment and when it’s due back.

Make tools available

Ensure tools are available when and where they are needed. Make double bookings a thing of the past.

Increase accountability of people using your tools

Improve accountability among your employees: always know who used your equipment last. Prevent loss and damage.

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All your tools, one app

Our tool management system gives you a real-time overview of assets’ locations and due back date. Search through your records and easily find all the tool information and attachments (receipts, warranty certificates) you need right away.



tool management software accessibility
Access & accountability

Make your tools accessible

Grant system access to users (use SSO for maximum security), let them book their own tools and sign a digital agreement at pickup. You’ll be saving a lot of time and they’ll be accountable for the tools they use.

My colleagues no longer call me to ask about asset management questions. They just quickly check availabilities in CHEQROOM.

Mike McLaughlin
Mike McLaughlin
Whistle Sports
tool management scanning
built-in scanner

Integrated asset label scanning

Use your phone to identify assets in seconds with CHEQROOM’s built-in scanner. Avoid confusion about having the right items and take human error out of the equation.

The scanning option is probably the feature I love the most, as you can get all the info you need with just one scan.

Dominic Taylor
Dominic Taylor
Ginkgo Agency

SIGMA: Saving time managing tools

tool management solution with notifications

Better teamwork, better tool management

You’re done with manual record-keeping! Our tool management app is always up-to-date and accurate! Keep everyone in the loop with automated email, push, SMS and Slack notifications.

In the past, we would manually email our clients trying to hunt down late returns. Now CHEQROOM does the dirty work.

Gabriel Afana
Gabriel Afana

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