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What is Equipment Downtime?

Equipment downtime, what is it and how can it impact your business? Let's go over the facts.

What is equipment downtime?

Equipment downtime refers to unexpected and unanticipated issues in a piece of equipment due to malfunction, failure, or scheduled maintenance activities. This could be a fault, broken part, or anything affecting production. Downtime can lead to missed deadlines, decreased productivity, increased costs, and diminished revenue.

Equipment downtime

If your business relies on equipment, you know downtime can wreak havoc on your productivity and revenue. Whether it's IT equipment  like computers and hard drives or audiovisual gear like lighting, cameras, and sound equipment, unplanned downtime from equipment failure and malfunctions can cost you a lot.

Don't let downtime take hold of your business. With Cheqroom's equipment management software, you can track when your equipment needs repairs and schedule preventive maintenance with the click of a button. Cheqroom is easy-to-use and lets you track your equipment and its usage with real-time monitoring and downtime data.

How do you track equipment downtime?

Downtime data can easily be tracked, monitored, and analyzed with asset management software. By using our software, you can consolidate all data on equipment utilization in one place. The software generates reports to help evaluate equipment efficiency and quickly identify bottlenecks.

Asset tags like QR codes can be installed on equipment to track downtime incidents automatically. These asset tags can provide data on equipment usage, malfunctions, and downtime incidents on equipment from anywhere with a scan of a smartphone.

What causes unexpected downtime?

Equipment can experience downtime for many reasons. Here are some of the most common:

  1. Hardware and Software: Hardware and software malfunctions are common and caused by hardware failure, bugs, or compatibility issues.
  2. Environmental Factors: Unfortunately, if not adequately maintained, precious equipment is subject to damage from temperature, humidity, dust, and moisture. If not appropriately maintained and stored, these factors can damage equipment resulting in increased downtime.
  3. Improper Handling and Usage: Whether due to accidental damage, misuse, or neglect of equipment, improper handling can cause future equipment failures and increased risk of downtime

Regularly maintaining equipment is essential in reducing unexpected downtime.

What solutions can help reduce downtime?

Reducing downtime can be done through the following methods:

  • Preventive Maintenance: Using Cheqroom's software, businesses can schedule and track preventive maintenance for their equipment. Regular equipment maintenance allows businesses to catch potential issues before they become significant problems.
  • Predictive Maintenance: Predictive maintenance monitors equipment performance analytics to help predict when equipment maintenance is needed, reducing the risk of unexpected equipment downtime.

  • Equipment Tracking: Equipment tracking allows you to see where your equipment is at all times, who's using it, when it's due back, and when it needs maintenance. This helps businesses make better decisions and quickly locate equipment in case of a breakdown.

  • Asset Management: Using asset management software, businesses can get a complete view of their equipment assets, including information on usage, maintenance history, and more. Make informed decisions about replacing equipment, reducing the likelihood of downtime caused by outdated equipment.

Prevent Equipment Downtime

By implementing Cheqroom's equipment management software, businesses can limit their risk of downtime, maximize productivity, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.

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No more blind spots

Take full control of your inventory and get the right tools in the right hands. Quickly check all gear in a kit, in a booking, project, or in the equipment room on the spot. Scan labels with the phone app to see their info, or check them out on the go.

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Get equipment usage insights

See how equipment is used, when, where, and by whom. Plan ahead by keeping track of the busiest times and pending repairs. Boost accountability and incentivize on-time equipment returns.

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Full control

Take it one (or two) steps further with advanced reports on warranty, depreciation, real-time equipment value, etc. Optimize performance and empower your team to generate more value.


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