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Know where  
your equipment 
is at all times.

The best-in-class equipment management software that makes it easier to track, book and check out gear.

You're in good company
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Who's using your gear?

Do you know when the gear is due back? Or even when the warranty expires? Can you be sure the item you need is not broken or just ran out of juice?

We get the frustration of not being in control. That’s why we decided to put an end to it. Cheqroom's equipment management software offers you the control & flexibility you need.

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Bustle Digital Group uses Cheqroom daily

because it has saved them a lot of time and headaches. Find out their story.

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Double bookings? We don’t do those around here.

Double bookings can jeopardize shoots and delay projects. Align with colleagues and schedule equipment more efficiently to optimize team performance.

For valuable items.
For accessories.
For your entire inventory.

From your most valuable gear, such as cameras and lights, to large quantities of cables, batteries, and other accessories, Cheqroom lets you manage your entire inventory with ease.

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Important and valuable gear

Lights, camera, action! Track your most valuable gear individually so you always know its status.

No one likes to do admin anyway

Focus on delivering your best work. Take full control, eliminate chaos and distraction, and create the headspace you need to ace your workday.

Equipment management
on the go

The one time when constantly looking at your phone is not rude. Your entire inventory - insights and all - at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere with our mobile app.

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We didn’t make them say this

I can monitor the real-time usage of the equipment dispatched for an event from my phone while sitting on my sunny porch!

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Stay in control & never lose track of your assets

Discover how Cheqroom can take your business to the next level.

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