10 Examples of using QR codes to track your smallbiz inventory

  1. IT equipment. Do you know how many items you have, in which shape they are, and who has them? With equipment management software and QR codes on your company’s computers, hard drives, headphones and USB-C hubs, you know exactly where your valuables are.
  2. AV, Production, Stage & Lighting companies. Keep track of your equipment on the road, easily find information about it and make sure your equipment is returned on time. Read stories about AV production companies managing their equipment here.
  3. Bike Sharing & Rental. Track when each bike was last serviced, manage multiple locations, and always have an overview of your available stock.
  4. DJ Equipment Rental. Know when your equipment should be returned, and what is being repaired, and instantly see when equipment is available.
  5. Scuba & Diving Gear Rental. Make sure your equipment receives the inspections it needs, and track where your items are and what each user checked out.
  6. Construction Equipment. Keep track of overdue equipment, have your information in one place, and always know which equipment is the most popular.
  7. Kayak & Canoe Rentals. Manage check-outs and check-ins at multiple locations, know what is in stock and keep an up-to-date overview of your inventory.
  8. Heavy Construction Equipment. Track the location of your inventory, access information even when you’re on the go, and instantly help your customers.
  9. RV & Camper Rentals. Make customers accountable for what they rent, track due dates, and always have access to the specifications of each asset.
  10.  Luxury Car Rental. Track vehicles across multiple locations, keep a maintenance log for each vehicle and have an overview of what should be returned and when.

How are asset tags helping you in tracking your assets? Have a look at this video.

Almost every business relies on its equipment – make sure you are efficiently tracking & managing yours. And remember, QR codes are nothing without
software that helps you keep track of your equipment. Make sure you get the most out of your asset tags!

Written by Hana Belbecir Jan 04, 2020

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