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2 powerful updates to simplify user management in Cheqroom

For equipment admins, this story might sound familiar.

With Cheqroom, you have finally found a way to gain visibility and control over your equipment and know who’s responsible for what. But this doesn’t completely solve your problem since freelancers, students, and volunteers continue to sprout up, and you lose track of who has access to Cheqroom and who doesn’t.

So then you have to play detective inside Cheqroom. Manually look if someone is a contact or a user. As a result, it becomes hard to manage and collaborate with external people.

We’ve heard this and similar stories from many Cheqroom users, so we decided to eliminate the hassle. Our new User overview page simplifies user management in Cheqroom.

Changes apply to all plans.

Unifying the concept of Users and Contacts

Cheqroom allows you to link internal and external equipment users to reservations and check-outs. Previously we had two concepts, Users and Contacts.

  • Users were people with credentials and access to your Cheqroom workspace. Depending on their role, they can make reservations, check-outs, report damage to equipment, etc.
  • Contacts were people that don’t require credentials or access to Cheqroom, such as freelancers, students, or other equipment users admins assign equipment to.

But working with multiple people shouldn’t make equipment management complicated or confusing. So we’ve decided to get rid of the concept of contacts. From now on, a user is a unique individual linked to your Cheqroom workspace. 

Every user will have a profile in Cheqroom, and Workspace admins can decide to grant users access to their workspace. No confusion, just easy equipment management.

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Simplifying User management with a new User overview page

We’re continuing to build the most user-friendly equipment management tool. Along with the new unified concept of Users, we are launching a new User overview page.

With the improved User overview page, admins can see all equipment users at a glance, if they have access to the workspace, their role, and their last activity date. Some things remain the same. Admins can still add users using a CSV file, but now they’ll have the chance to add user role information. All your users’ information

You can access this page directly from your navigation bar. This means faster access to what you need.

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We are continuously listening to your feedback and thinking of new ways to make Cheqroom the best tool for everyone managing equipment. The next feature in line is Equipment Access. Soon in beta

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Written by Maria Alejandra Benitez Feb 06, 2023

Maria Alejandra Benitez is our product value expert at Cheqroom! Her day-to-day involves launching exciting new features, unveiling the value of each Cheqroom feature to our wonderful team and, most importantly, our cherished customers. Her all-time favorite Cheqroom feature? Spotcheck 💕. Maria is a true enthusiast when it comes to customer experience and product adoption! Plus, she absolutely adores it when customers respond to her emails 🥰.