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6 reasons to implement Equipment Spotcheck

A regular inspection or audit of your equipment room is mighty important if you want to be on top of your equipment management. You’re probably thinking, “is it that time of the year again?” But it doesn’t have to be that hard, and you don’t have to do it all at once. With Cheqroom, we developed the Spotcheck feature that helps you check your equipment on the spot on different levels like locations, categories, kits, open check-out, and much more. All you need is the Cheqroom web or mobile app combined with asset labels.

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Equipment Spotcheck, This is why you need it

Spotcheck enables you to check on the spot if your equipment is complete. It’s a good start if you’re now using a paper-based checklist. But how do you know if you got the right camera you’re looking for? If you have many items to look over, you want to do this efficiently. With Spotcheck, you can see at a glance if you have the right item by merely scanning the asset tags. And you immediately see if you’re missing items or notice any issues like unexpected equipment popping up.

The new feature is available on both web and the mobile app. That makes it very flexible to start a spotcheck whenever and wherever you want. Let’s dive straight into some use cases.

Yearly equipment room audit

Autumn is the season. The holidays are coming, and the office’s a little calmer. So you might decide to start cleaning and reorganizing the equipment room. Just as importantly, you also want to check if all your equipment is still there. ‘Spotcheck on a location’ helps you with your yearly inventory audit for a specific equipment room or office.

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Find the missing puzzle piece with categories

Say you’re missing a camera but don’t know which one? Start a Spotcheck from the category ‘camera,’ scan the tags on all your cameras and identify which one is missing.

Finished a job? Bring everything back!

Spotcheck on an open check-out is especially handy if you’re on the go.

Before you leave a job you finished, you want to make sure you loaded all the equipment you brought with you. Use the mobile app to check all your items before you go. It might save you that annoying drive back.

Are employees returning from a long period of working from home? Or is someone leaving the company? You can easily do a quick equipment check and see if they’re still in possession of the gear they received. Start a spotcheck on custody, showing you all the items they should have in their possession.

Prepare reservations with Equipment Spotcheck

As an equipment manager, you can prepare all the reservations. You don’t need to make a paper-based manual checklist. Use ‘Spotcheck on a booked reservation’. Gather and scan all reserved items without having to do the real check-out just yet. And there you have it. Ease of mind.

Equipment that belongs together stays together

Spotcheck on a kit helps ensure the kit is complete, down to the last item. You don’t have to go check serial numbers: it’s all there on the asset tags.

Who is it for?

Spotcheck is available for Plus, Premium, and Academic Premium plans.

Get in touch with our Customer Success team if you don’t have Spotcheck yet, but think “this might work very well at our company.” They are more than happy to help you out.

If you already have Equipment Spotcheck available:

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Written by Hana Belbecir Nov 05, 2020

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