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10 Fun & Original Gift Ideas for your AV Team

Ahhh. Holidays. It’s all about the coziness and mentally preparing ourselves for those family dinners that will make us doze off in front of the fireplace. And then there are the gifts, of course!

And who doesn’t love gifts?

If your team is organizing a Secret Santa this year, perhaps these personal and fun gift ideas might give you some inspiration on what to give to your team members. And don’t forget to buy something special for your equipment manager! 😉

1. To the one who loves to be organized

Yes, a clean and organized equipment room is what can make your day. And it’s okay to admit that there’s usually one person who takes it upon himself to make sure it all looks neat and tidy. If you have read our “7 Equipment Room Quick Tips” blog post, you might remember the tip about using tape to mark different sections in the storage room.

Gaff tape has been widely used in theatre, photography, film, and television production. This tape stands out because it holds down anything, but is very easily taken off at the same time, leaving no residue.

Now, Gaff has taken it one step further with… the Gaffgun! (And it’s as cool as it sounds). Watch the video and prepare to be amazed:

2. To the one who’s a (tiny) bit unorganized

Hey, we get it. Staying on top of your expensive gear and all of the smaller gear that comes with it, it takes a lot of focus. And when you’re running from shoot to shoot, overlooking a small SD card might happen more often than you’d like.

This Memory Card Case Protector Cover with Carabiner will safeguard up to 12SD Cards & 12 Micro SD Cards. They can just attach it to their favorite camera gear and they’re all set!

Our friends at Wistia also had this great tip that we just had to share:

“Store unused SD cards face up — and full cards face down. This will help you know which cards are empty and which ones you should offload and back up on your computer. Plus: putting them face down exposes their asset label so you can scan them and take them in your check-out.”

3. To the one who always seems to lose something

We’ve all lost our keys or phone at some point, but we all know someone who seems to be losing something e-v-e-r-y day. Meet Tile Mate. It easily loops onto keychains or attaches to anything you don’t want to lose and makes you find back your precious belongings by using your smartphone.

Quick Tip: Why not give it to your equipment manager so he can attach it to his favorite (or most expensive) camera case? Or to anyone who wants to keep track of their one true Kit, really.

4. To the one who loves the outdoors

Nature is a good stress-reducing environment and gives you that extra energy boost. Before you run out the door, better check these Camera Lens Protective Pouches.

They come in a set of 4 different sizes, are compatible with almost all camera lenses, are water-resistant and the neoprene protects your lens from accidental scratches, bumps and drops! This will be a winning gift!

5. To the one who’s a bit of a neat freak

And who can blame them? AV equipment is expensive, so you might want to give that one camera that has delivered you one great shot after another some extra love.

This Professional Camera Cleaning Kit consists of great tools that will keep everyone’s camera clean and in pristine condition.

6. To the tech-savvy one

There’s often someone in the team who loves to make time to test out new tools.

In one of our blog posts, we created a complete list of all the business tools that you could be using in your AV company.

Have a quick read and perhaps you’ll spot a tool you haven’t been using, and that he/she might want to try out.

In the mood for something a bit more personal? Here are some of our other gift ideas that will bring out the smiles and inside jokes!

7. To the one who loves to be organized

I bet we all know someone who loves to have everything in top-notch condition. This velcro straps are perfect to keep your wild cables nice and tidy. We recommend having different colors, so you can decide, for example, to have all 5m cables labeled with red straps and all 2m ones with blue. Also, the best are the ones that you can write on. There is so much you can do!

But if your buddy is super-super organized, you can go a step further and get those cable labels that are super useful if you have different types of cables! Last but not least, the labels are scannable, so if you use equipment management software like Cheqroom you can identify equipment in seconds by scanning the barcode with a phone or scanner.

8. To the one who’s always running late

Have a colleague who’s struggling with getting up in the morning? Why not lend them a helping hand and give them something to ease the morning struggle. This Wake-Up light alarm clock by Philips not only looks stylish, but uses light therapy lamp for improving your sleep, energy, and well- being. Might get one for yourself as well, am I right?Another option is a book called ‘The Miracle Morning’ by Hal Elrod. It’s one of one of the highest-rated books on Amazon and has been translated into 27 languages and is practiced daily by over 500,000 people in more than 90 countries. Sounds like a must-have bedside table book!

9. To the one who could drink coffee all day, every day

A great gift to any coffee or tea lover, is a nice and decent-sized cup. And if the quote or picture on the cup is funny enough, they might hold on to it for years, perhaps mention your name once in a while when someone asks where they got the cup from. In other words: you can become a legend.On Etsy, they have lots of amazing cups, with fun quotes or pictures, and all at a decent price. Hooray!

10. To the one who loves to snack. Or jog. Or both?

Well, who doesn’t love to snack? But if there’s someone in your office who always has a bit of chocolate or candy on their desk, this present comes in handy! This super convenient water bottle has a secret hiding compartment for those pieces of candy.

Or, if someone is a frequent jogger, this bottle is leaking- and spillproof and can also store an ID card, money or a key!So there we are, nine great gift ideas to choose from! Now you have to decide who to give it to and if you should order some for yourself. 😉

Written by Hana Belbecir Nov 29, 2020

Meet Hana Belbecir, our dynamic content marketer. She infuses creativity and strategic vision into the core of our brand. Hana, passionate about storytelling and has a keen eye for market trends, is devoted to creating a unified brand identity for Cheqroom. Her favorite part? Working & brainstorming with different creatives.