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4 ways to facilitate remote work with CHEQROOM

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room just for a second. Simply because there is no way around it: Covid-19. It’s affecting all of us deeply, both personally and professionally. We sincerely hope that all of you – and your families – are and stay in good health.

As many teams all over the world, our team has been working fully remote since last Friday. Although we are used to working from home, we do realize that this can be a challenge, for some industries more than for others. That’s why we’d like to share a few tips to help guarantee and stimulate a smooth tracking of your equipment.

Stay safe, wash your hands and flatten the curve with us!

1. Extend open check-outs

During remote working days, there won’t be anyone available at the equipment room to handle equipment returns.

Let team members who currently have one or more open check-outs know that they can extend their check-out from within the account. Or, if they don’t have access, you can easily extend the check-outs for them.

That way, they won’t get unnecessary overdue email notifications or show up at a closed equipment room.

2. Cancel or postpone upcoming reservations.

The same goes for upcoming reservations. If your users don’t have the option to actually come in and pick up the reserved equipment due to remote work, you can either cancel those reservations or urge users to edit their reservation.

Note: Only users with the permission to manage all check-outs and/or reservations will be allowed to do so.

3. Set up the right notifications

Before you start making changes to planned bookings, we would strongly recommend setting up a few automated notifications first to avoid any confusion later on.

If you plan to extend open check-outs, set up the email notification with the trigger ‘Extend check-out’.

If you plan to cancel reservations, make sure to activate the notification with trigger ‘cancel reservations’.

Important: Since we currently don’t have a trigger for an edited reservation, remember to leave a comment for your users with more information. They’ll be able to read it in the email triggered by ‘comment added’.

notification email cheqroom

💡Leave some more information for your users in the body of the email

4. Update business hours

If your organization goes fully remote, make sure to update your business hours to indicate that, so users know equipment can’t be picked up or dropped off.

You can update your opening and closing hours by going to your Settings > General.

Important: Restricting office hours is a feature only available in our Academic, Professional and Enterprise plans. If you’d like to take a deeper dive into this feature, this help article is for you.

If you need any help, do reach out on chat, our dedicated Customer Success Managers are here to help!

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