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FIFA World Cup 2022: equipment managers get the ball rolling

From November 20 to December 18, 2022, it’s all eyes on Qatar. The first end-of-year soccer world cup is bound to become the most-watched sports event ever. Dozens of broadcasters are getting ready to record all the joy and heartbreak on site. Their (and our) worst nightmare? Missing a crucial VAR phase, penalty shoot-out or press conference because of lacking or damaged equipment. Luckily, equipment managers can prevent that from happening. And some of them even have a secret superpower.

A broadcaster’s time to shine (or not)

64 games, 32 teams, 1 trophy. Will France extend its reign over the world’s most popular sport, can other favorites like Brazil grab the title, or are we in for a surprise by, let’s say, South Korea or Senegal? Over a million colorful soccer fans will see the story unfold from the stands and billions more will be glued to their television sets at home. Fox Sports, beIN Sports, ARD, TV Globo … whichever channel they’ll be watching, live coverage needs to be spot on. If not, there’ll be a mass exodus of viewers in a split second. Pressure much?

Incoming: planeloads of equipment

Each broadcaster will travel to Qatar with a team of producers, directors, on-air commentators and technical officials. In their slipstream: a myriad of equipment. And when we say myriad, we mean MYRIAD. To give you an idea, for the last World Cup, Fox Sports shipped over 3,400 items, including cameras, cables, lenses, tripods and mics. Over the course of a month, this equipment will be used to cover games, interview players and staff, report on fan villages, set up mobile studios, and much more. All of that at different locations.

In search of the unsung heroes

The showpiece of global soccer not only relies on broadcasting equipment, but also on plenty of other equipment to be a success. For example, the organization itself will use 15,000 cameras with facial recognition software to maintain security, while they’ll put sensors in the game balls to better assess offside situations. Not to mention the national teams who’ll head to Qatar with equipment ranging from sports gear to medical supplies.

Indeed, the tiny Gulf state will host a true equipment extravaganza. How on Earth will every piece of equipment get in the right hands, in the right condition, at the right place, at the right time? Meet the unsung heroes of every major televised event: equipment managers.

How on Earth will every piece of equipment get in the right hands, in the right condition, at the right place, at the right time?

Equipping the equipment managers

For many of the equipment managers involved, the tournament will be their biggest test yet. In a desert climate, on unknown territory, and surrounded by ecstatic crowds, they’ll need to be on top of their game. If only there was a way for them to keep a clean sheet…

Unique QR codes on equipment facilitate tracking and planning. Where is the equipment, who is using it, is it flagged as faulty or broken, what’s its next destination, how many similar items are still in stock…? You get the gist. This enables equipment managers to organize replacements and repairs in time. The place where all feeds come together: the VAR room Cheqroom.

‘Tag it, scan it, manage it’ is the hat trick motto that will bring Mbappé’s rushes, Messi’s dribbles, and Mendy’s saves to your living room or local bar. Feel free to bring that up as a conversation starter.

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Written by Hana Belbecir Nov 16, 2022

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