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The new Cheqroom Academic Pro plan

If you ever felt that the academic essentials plan was too basic for your needs and the Academic premium plan was way too robust, then we have great news for you. We now have an intermediate plan, the Academic Pro plan.

Are you looking for a more advanced inventory management solution for your academic institution? If so, you'll be excited to hear that Cheqroom has just released a new plan - the Academic Pro plan. This plan is designed for higher education institutions with more complex needs and a larger inventory.

Why a new plan?

As universities and colleges continue to expand their programs and curriculums, managing equipment and assets becomes increasingly complex. From cameras and laptops to scientific instruments and audio-visual equipment, keeping track of inventory and ensuring its proper use is a daunting task. This is where Cheqroom's new plan for higher education, Academic Pro, comes into play.

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Academic Pro is the perfect plan for institutions that require more features than the basic Academic Essentials plan but do not require the full range of features offered by the Academic Master plan.The plan strikes a balance between cost and functionality, offering a feature set that is attractive to most schools and universities.

Here are the main features

  • Custom roles & permissions
    Teachers, students, and staff. You’re constantly dealing with multiple gear users. With Cheqroom’s roles and permissions, you can decide who has access to your account and how much access they’ll get. Custom roles & permission also allow you to edit and create the roles you need.
  • PDF Generator
    Want to automate check-out or reservation agreements? Well, Academic pro includes our automatic PDF generator for you to increase students’ accountability.
  • Equipment reports
    Trust me when I say you want to know the most -or least- used items. With more than 25 system reports, Cheqroom gives you access to all kinds of insights to help you make purchase decisions and organize your time better. Just to name a few; you can know the busiest times, which items have more issues, and which users are the most punctual. Just try it, really.
  • Spotcheck
    Running annual inventory counts? Bit your time with Spotcheck. This feature allows you to conduct inventory counts in minutes. You can also use it to ensure your camera kits are complete or that you’re not leaving any item behind at the shooting location.
  • Business hours
    Set your business hours, include intervals for lunchtime, and set up the holidays, so you ensure nobody schedules a check-out on spring break.

The new Cheqroom Academic Pro plan is the perfect solution for academic institutions that need more advanced features and flexibility on the user management side of their institution.

💡If you have an essentials plan and want a seamless upgrade, read this guide to upgrade your account or follow these steps to switch from the Academic Essentials plan to Pro.

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Written by Maria Alejandra Benitez Apr 27, 2023

Maria Alejandra Benitez is our product value expert at Cheqroom! Her day-to-day involves launching exciting new features, unveiling the value of each Cheqroom feature to our wonderful team and, most importantly, our cherished customers. Her all-time favorite Cheqroom feature? Spotcheck 💕. Maria is a true enthusiast when it comes to customer experience and product adoption! Plus, she absolutely adores it when customers respond to her emails 🥰.