5 frustrations every equipment manager wants to avoid

From double bookings to chasing down equipment. Those are the most common problems that every equipment manager has experienced. It's frustrating, we know!

1. Chasing down equipment

Here we go again! No one every brings their equipment back on time.

2. Missing items

Wrong items in the wrong places? Wait, what are rubber ducks doing in that camera kit?
Oh, well...

3. Double bookings

Oops! Double bookings, again?? Yeah... it alway ends more or less like this...

4. Broken equipment

Aand... there are those days when you stumble upon broken equipment you didn't know about.

5. Finding the items you need

I am pretty sure you get what I mean when I say looking for the right items can be hard...and boring too!

Find your solution

This could all be solved by managing your equipment, always keep track of it and know exactly where it is and in what condition.

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Written by Hana Belbecir Jan 19, 2021

Meet Hana Belbecir, our dynamic content marketer. She infuses creativity and strategic vision into the core of our brand. Hana, passionate about storytelling and has a keen eye for market trends, is devoted to creating a unified brand identity for Cheqroom. Her favorite part? Working & brainstorming with different creatives.