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Your equipment sign-out sheet needs THESE 7 elements

Take control and start managing your assets like a master.

Get the best sign in/sign out sheet in 7 steps

Keeping track of your equipment is essential if you want to reduce costs and avoid miscommunication. An equipment sign-out sheet is then the missing puzzle piece you never knew you needed. So, let's get organized and start tracking those assets like a boss!

Checkout Agreement

Don't let your equipment run wild and free like they’re at Woodstock ‘69! Keep your assets in check with an equipment sign-out agreement. Trust us, the last thing you want is to be running around trying to find missing equipment or having to spend unnecessary money re-ordering goods. Take control and start tracking those assets like a master!

The equipment check-out sheet template of your dreams

A high-quality checkout form can ensure that equipment comes back on time and in the same condition as when it left. Plus, you'll know who is using what gear and when it’s being used.

If you're using this example equipment checkout template, you'll be set with a watertight sign-out sheet that covers all seven essential components.

How To Create A Signout Sheet

But what makes the best equipment check-out agreement?

First, let’s organize

Let's get this party started with some organization! Your equipment checkout form should include the company logo for official purposes, as well as key information such as the person responsible for the gear. Who gave the green light? Did you get multiple contact details from the user, just in case? Can they easily get in touch for some extended gear time or for support? Make sure everyone's on the same page. ;)

Say my name, say my name, but also my phone number

Make sure to get all the deets from your gear borrower! We're talking first and last name, phone number, email address, and physical address. Don't forget to get their autograph too, to seal the deal.

Catch all the details, also the Robins to their Batman

You want your equipment sign-out form to detail what equipment was checked out, along with the matching ID, such as barcodes or asset numbers. Don't forget to ask about the condition of the gear before it leaves the warehouse. Was it in top shape, or did it need a little TLC? And let's not forget about the accessories that made it all happen. You know that chargers, cables, and other gadgets are like the Robin to their Batman, and Robins are often forgotten on the sign-out sheet. Make sure you know who took what and in what quantities. Oh, and don't forget to add any other additional comments that should be noted prior to checking out the gear.

I miss you already

Write down all the key details. Take note of the day and time your gear leaves and when it's due back. Are there any conditions, such as office hour restrictions or weekend limitations? Make sure to hammer out the details and agree on a clear date and location for its return.

Don’t be late, mate

Was there any cost involved in the rental? Are late fees going to be accrued afterward if the user returns the equipment late? Is there a penalty for losing or breaking anything? Let’s hope nothing goes wrong during the rental period, but make sure you have this all on paper before giving your gear away.

What are we? It’s about time we DTR'ed

Make sure to have a clear agreement on when and where the equipment can be used, who owns the equipment, and what happens if it gets lost or damaged. You’ll thank us later. Or now, whatever you prefer.

Name it, read it, tune it, print it, scan it, send it, fax, (don’t) rename it

Aaand number 7: Make sure to have both a print and digital copy. This allows for easy reference and prevents information from being lost if the printed copy is misplaced. It also improves security and maximizes the effectiveness of this tool. Don't let your equipment go on unplanned adventures! 😄👍

Download Equipment Sign-out Sheet Template

Written by Hana Belbecir Jun 07, 2023

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