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CHEQROOM has decreased the number of lost and broken items considerably


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Kent State University is made up of many colleges and schools within those colleges. The College of Communication and Information (CCI) with 3000 students across 5 different schools uses CHEQROOM to manage their equipment.


time-consuming gear management
3000 students
5 different locations


Less broken gear
Less losses
Empowering students

Bob Baumann is in charge of the IT across the College of Communication and Information

Moving away from a time-consuming process

“Before getting CHEQROOM, we were using an outdated system and Excel along with paper records to keep track of our checkouts and reservations. This process was time-consuming and was very hard to keep track of.”bob from kent state university

Facilitating equipment checkouts

“We are currently using CHEQROOM to facilitate equipment checkouts across our college. We have two checkout rooms and in total have about 5000 items available for students to checkout and use for their classes and projects.”

“We are also using CHEQROOM to do inventory management of all of our pieces of technology across the entire school.”

Using CHEQROOM has helped Bob and his team to get an accurate inventory of their equipment: “We now know what we have and can keep track of it through its entire life cycle.

Ease of use and empowering students

After looking at different equipment management software options, Bob and his team decided to buy CHEQROOM because it “had all the features they were looking for. We also liked the ease of use.”

Empowering students with the self-service module is also a big plus for the college: “The thing we like most about CHEQROOM is the ability that students have to reserve their own gear. The mobile app allows them to do that from anywhere.”

Considerable decrease in broken and lost items

The result? Equipment doesn’t get lost or broken so often anymore.

“Since using CHEQROOM we have seen a considerable decrease in lost items and items that come back broken. We are now able to track and document everything pertaining to that specific piece of equipment.”

What about the future?

“We continue to push for more and more features of CHEQROOM and looking at the roadmap who knows where it will go. We see a lot of great features coming and can’t wait to see what’s next.”

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