Customer Story BCC ATF

Students at BCC learn about gear thanks to Cheqroom

Industry Education
Gear type Audio & visual equipment
Industry Higher education
Gear Type Audio & visual equipment
Location New York
Inventory Size 500+
Favorite feature Mobile app
Customer since 2019
The mobile app has been really great for the students
Dayvon Melendez Student

CUNY Bronx Community College students have the unique opportunity to learn about camera gear with the help of Cheqroom. With Cheqroom, students can have extra information about a piece of gear they want to use for their projects.

Teachers and equipment managers can easily see what they have booked and help them to get the gear they need for their projects. The college lab technician, Ingvar Denis, can always keep a clear view of the gear. In the app, students can track what gear is being used by which students, when they will return it, whether they are missing pieces for a certain shoot, if the gear got damaged, and much more.