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Asset Calendar

Asset Calendar

Change the way you manage your asset calendar. Get full control over your assets, know where they are, who is using them, and when they are due back.

Get notifications about your asset calendar

Get a real-time overview of all equipment bookings and use: get notified about asset reservations and overdue returns.

Manage your calendar on the go

Our mobile app means hassle-free access to your asset calendar wherever you are, at the office or in the field!

Make your asset calendar accessible

Give users access to your asset calendar system: let them book their own assets & sync with their calendar. Saves you a lot of time!

The asset calendar is the first thing I look at every morning when I get to the office so I can stay ahead of scheduling conflicts.

Mike McLaughlin Whistle Sports

24/7 asset calendar software


Wave manual booking entries and human error goodbye for good. CHEQROOM gives you a real-time overview of your asset calendar and syncs with your calendar apps.

Encourage better teamwork


Keep your team in the loop by giving them access to the asset schedule and remind them about due dates with automated email, push, Slack or SMS reminders sent by our asset calendar app.

Real-time availability


Our asset calendar app gives you a clear overview of your schedule: no more double bookings or lost gear. Plus, it has all your asset information in one place and helps you keep your equipment rooms organized.


Bring your asset calendar to the next level

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