Slack ATF

Slack and Cheqroom

Streamline how your team handles equipment, right from within Slack

Collaborate on equipment

Connect your equipment room to Slack. Keep your team in the loop on what’s going on in terms of equipment.

Share issues with gear

Get real-time updates about important issues with equipment, like damages or equipment going missing.

Improve accountability

Keep equipment in better shape by staying up to date on its whereabouts. Keep an eye on when gear is coming back late.

Monitor Bookings

Slack overdue checkout

Stay on top of equipment scheduling

Respond instantly to the equipment needs of your team to make sure everything keeps running smoothly. Ensure on-time returns with due date reminders in Slack. No more chasing down equipment.

Slack flagged item

Issue reporting

Get notified in your favourite communication app whenever something goes wrong with your equipment. Collaborate on knowing what went wrong and quickly get your equipment up and running again.

Bring equipment management right into Slack

Get started and connect Slack to Cheqroom or read our step-by-step how-to article.