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How ChatGPT organized our equipment room

We gotta admit, they had some pretty useful tips…

The 10 AI commandments to an organized gear haven

Do you struggle with managing your equipment? Are you spending precious time searching for the right gear or dealing with double bookings? We've been there too!

That's why we asked ChatGPT for suggestions on tackling equipment room chaos and managing equipment. And we must admit, they had some pretty useful tips! 😯

And so it happened: ChatGPT helped us transform our equipment room into an organized haven.
They had great tips, but we’ve also learned from the best of the best in the AV industry: Cheqroom’s customers. We’ll add some real-life examples as well. Tryin’ to keep it real, you know.

If you prefer watching the tips over reading them (no judgment here), check out the video below. 👇

We even asked Chat GPT to write us the video script and then we asked Hana’s to remember all the lines. (We're joking, of course... or are we? 👀)

1. You shall create a detailed gear inventory list

The first action ChatGPT suggested is already a huge game-changer. The hugest. Start by creating a detailed inventory list of your camera gear. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Include important details such as the names of each item, their respective serial numbers, and a brief description of their condition.
This will not only help you keep track of your equipment, but it can also be useful if many others can use the equipment, if you need to file an insurance claim, or if you are renting your equipment out to others.

Inventory list

At Cheqroom, we 100% agree with this tip. This is essential when you want to ensure you know exactly what equipment you have, its condition, and its location.

So if you're not sure what to do first, let this be step number one. ☝️

💡 Looking for more information on how to create an equipment inventory list? In this video, you’ll find step-by-step instructions and helpful tips to make the process as smooth as possible. 😌

2. You shall label your gear

The second thing ChatGPT emphasized was the importance of labeling your gear. Something that makes us very happy to hear.

Why’s that? For starters, it makes it easy to identify each item, so there is no confusion over what belongs to whom. Also, by clearly marking each item, it becomes easier to keep track of where it is being used and ensure that it is returned to the right place after use. In that sense, labeling your gear helps prevent your equipment from getting damaged or lost. Create better accountability and avoid any potential mix-ups or misunderstandings.

💡 Read more on the benefits of labeling your assets here.
A lot of our customers are already doing this, and it really works. They got labels from our Asset Label Store, where you can create your own personalized ones and order them in any format you’d like, all designed specifically for AV gear. Have a look.

Assetlabels scan mediamonks
Kit scan labels mediamonks

3. You shall implement a check-out/check-in system

Now, here's where it gets interesting.

ChatGPT's third suggestion was to implement a check-out/check-in system, meaning establishing a formal process for checking out and checking in equipment.

This could take the form of using a sign-out sheet, a spreadsheet, or specialized software designed for equipment management. However, while using a spreadsheet might seem like a good idea, it can quickly become unmanageable as most gear rooms see their item number increasing over time.

Equipment signout sheet paper

That’s why we, and ChatGPT, recommend using equipment management software specifically designed for the AV industry.

And not to get all cheesy or anything, but a bunch of AV customers are backing us up on this one. Production teams from brands such as Google, DJI, ESPN, TED, and Fox Sports, wouldn't trade specialized software like Cheqroom for spreadsheets anymore.

Y2 checklist reservation

It’s not us who said it, ChatGPT did. 😌

💡 Need extra tips on creating a watertight equipment sign-out sheet? Find more info in this blog right here.

4. You shall organize your gear room efficiently

ChatGPT's fourth tip was that you should also organize your actual gear room efficiently. Not only should you find a suitable location to store gear, but you should also install shelving units and racks to make storage more systematic. Although this may seem obvious, it’s still a crucial aspect of equipment management that you can’t simply ignore. 😬

Ronnie mediamonks gearroom

Of course, it’s about finding what works best for you and your team. But some more obvious hacks are placing heavier items at the bottom and grouping frequently used kits together. Who doesn't like playing real-life Tetris once in a while? 😅 This will significantly improve the efficiency and speed of your work. Another one that seems like a no-brainer but is easy to overlook is grouping your gear into categories like "cameras," "audio equipment," and "lighting" so that you'll be able to find what you need quickly and easily.

Blackmagic kit shelf

💡 Wondering how other gear cage managers organize their equipment room? We’ve collected the top tips from equipment managers around the world, talking about how to organize your shelves, label your equipment, assemble kits, and much more. Watch the video here.

5. You shall use equipment tracking tools

And finally, ChatGPT’s last tip was to use equipment tracking tools. Consider equipment management software that allows you to keep tabs on who has checked out what equipment, where it’s headed next, and when it’s due to be returned. This helps avoid confusion and keep your video production operations running smoothly.

Cheqroom availability gear

You’ve already guessed it; we were pretty happy to see this as one of ChatGPT’s tips. Because guess what? Cheqroom is the perfect choice for video production companies.

With Cheqroom, you can keep track of everything, including who has checked out what gear, when it's due to be returned, and even get automated notifications for overdue items.

Cheqroom automated notification

💡 Test it out yourself! Try Cheqroom for free for 7 days. Start a trial today.

ChatGPT actually suggested 10 tips; watch to video to find out what else they recommended!

Leveraging ChatGPT's AI capabilities for efficient day-to-day tasks is totally worth it

Managing equipment shouldn’t be a hassle. Once you’ve put some time and effort into it, you can transform your equipment room into an organized haven.

With the help of the tips outlined above, your gear room will become much more manageable. By creating a detailed inventory list, labeling your gear, implementing a check-out/check-in system, organizing your gear room efficiently, and using equipment tracking tools, you can transform your equipment room into an organized haven.

So, what can we say? ChatGPT has become our new BFF. 💁🏻💅🏼

If you are interested in diving deeper into equipment room management, read all about it in our complete Equipment Management 101 guide. It’ll help you further optimize your gear room, ensuring that your equipment is safe, organized and easily accessible.

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Written by Elke Swinnen Aug 22, 2023

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