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Cable management best practices for the AV industry

It will be no surprise to returning blog readers that we like our cables at Cheqroom. More specifically, we like our cables to stay organized, easy to use, and lasting a long time, so that's why we created cable management best practices for the AV industry.

This blog bundles some best practices for cable management that we learned from our specialist customers in the AV industry.

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Don’t get entangled! Label your cables

But perhaps you and your organization are not easy to please and have even more specific demands. No worries, just look at all the vendors that offer dedicated plastic cable labels and get started with asset tagging your cables. They’re customizable with your logo and choose color, a barcode, and a logo, or your logo and a barcode and color. O, the burden of choice.

Speaking of barcodes: adding a barcode to your cable doesn’t hurt since it makes your cables easy to track if you’re using equipment management software such as Cheqroom. Scan the label and see all the details about this cable immediately.

You could also bundle the cable with other equipment to ensure it stays together and that nothing gets lost.

Just remember that new hires or new equipment users need a color legend attached to your equipment rack, for example, to find what they need.

Storage and transportation

Transporting cables in bulk is best done with a flight case divided into different sections. Mark every section with a color that corresponds with the length of the cables you’ll contain in it and the cable type.


Buying your cables on cable reels is excellent if you’re going to use very long cables. You could also buy cable reels separately if you already own said cables. Cable reels are very tidy and make rolling and unrolling those long cables way easier and quicker. Time is money, after all.

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Sep 01, 2021 Written by Hana Belbecir