The benefits of a remote equipment management tool

Equipment management is challenging at the best of times. And these are certainly not the best of times: we’re in the new normal, where we have to work remotely whenever this global pandemic forces us to because close physical contact is actually dangerous. Brrr.

But this blog is not a gloom-and-doom story. It is about adaptability and something magical like a remote equipment management tool.

All businesses had to adapt to survive, and equipment management has adapted with it: workers have learned to be super productive at home, taking equipment with them for longer periods of time. Equipment management on the go has become a necessity, and as a result, cloud-based, remote equipment management tools have decidedly become the norm.

So what do you want from a remote working equipment management tool?

Track company assets from anywhere at any time

Remote working expanded home offices across the globe. Workers have brought screens, laptops, computer mouses, and keyboards with them, which of course all have to be accounted for. Equipment managers more than ever need a clear picture of where every piece of equipment is at any time. Furthermore, equipment being on loan for extended periods of time has created the need for check-outs without due dates. Look for an equipment management solution that can cover that. Cloud-based applications now often have the option to e-sign a check-out form for an unspecified amount of time. In Cheqroom, we call it custody.


Don’t let the equipment room get too crowded

Unless your equipment room uses drones for home delivery – which would be pretty cool – then people are going to have to pick up and drop off equipment eventually.

That means you’re going to want to secure that area, ensuring that not everyone runs in at the same time. Equipment managers need to be aware of times when it might get busy and then shuffle around pickup and drop-off times if need be. Find a tool that can tell you when your equipment room usually gets crowded, like Cheqroom’s busiest times report, so you can plan around it.


Easily work together online

Nobody’s home office should be an island. Even from afar, people need to collaborate on projects. Preferably just as smoothly as they would when their desks are next to each other. Here’s where real-time cloud collaboration comes in, spurred on by centralized tools that make information readily available for every worker. By this, we don’t mean spreadsheets. They usually don’t score well in the ‘real-time’ department, with too much manual work and far too few automation options to be any good as a collaboration tool. Spreadsheets will only lead to errors and will eventually bog down your workflow. There is simply no comparison with specialized cloud-based equipment software. It gives both equipment managers and equipment users the necessary features to do their work spotlessly and collaborate smartly

Equipment management on the go with Cheqroom

Cheqroom provides both managers and equipment users with all the options to work remotely and do it well. Our tool offers mobile equipment check-outs, seamless equipment scheduling, easy online bookings, electronic signatures, and much more.

Start your free trial today or contact us for more tips on remote equipment management.

Need some convincing? Check out this video about our crazy mobile app 👇

Written by Hana Belbecir Nov 09, 2021

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