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Managing your company’s assets can be tricky – particularly if you have equipment that changes owner frequently, like event gear or AV gear. If you have a lot of assets that need to be managed, a simple spreadsheet isn’t going to cut it. What you need is asset management software – enter Cheqroom!

What is asset management?

Asset management refers to the process of overseeing and controlling various types of assets. It involves strategically managing these assets to maximize their value, optimize their usage and achieve specific financial objectives.

If a company has many assets that change hands often, it's useful to track where each asset is, who's currently using it, and when it's available for booking again. A central place to manage that data is usually an asset management tool. 

What are the advantages of asset management software?

Asset management software offers several advantages to organizations that need to track, monitor, and manage their assets efficiently. Here are some key benefits:

Improved Asset Tracking: Asset management software provides a centralized system to track and monitor assets throughout their lifecycle. It enables organizations to record important details such as asset location, condition, maintenance history, and usage. This improves visibility and accountability, reducing the chances of misplacement or loss.

Enhanced Asset Utilization
: Organizations can optimize their utilization by having a comprehensive view of all assets. Asset management software helps identify underutilized assets, enabling better resource allocation and reducing unnecessary purchases. This leads to cost savings and improved operational efficiency.

Streamlined Maintenance and Repairs:
Asset management software typically includes maintenance tracking features, allowing organizations to schedule and track maintenance activities. It helps ensure timely servicing, reduces downtime due to unexpected breakdowns, and extends the lifespan of assets. This proactive approach to maintenance saves money and enhances productivity.

Efficient Procurement and Disposal:
Asset management software facilitates better procurement decisions by providing insights into asset usage, performance, and depreciation. It helps organizations identify when to purchase new assets, lease equipment, or dispose of outdated or redundant items. This optimizes procurement processes, minimizes unnecessary expenses, and aids in budgeting.

Improved Compliance and Reporting
: Asset management software can assist with compliance requirements by providing accurate and up-to-date asset information. It helps organizations maintain regulatory compliance, track warranties, manage licenses, and adhere to industry standards. Additionally, it simplifies reporting processes by generating detailed reports on asset performance, maintenance costs, and depreciation for audits and financial analysis.

Enhanced Data Security:
Asset management software often includes security features such as user access controls, encryption, and data backup capabilities. It helps protect sensitive asset information and reduces the risk of unauthorized access or data loss. This is particularly crucial for organizations dealing with valuable or confidential assets.

Scalability and Integration:
Asset management software can accommodate growing asset inventories and adapt to changing business needs. It can integrate with other business systems such as accounting, procurement, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, enabling seamless data exchange and providing a holistic view of asset-related information.

Asset management software streamlines processes, improves decision-making, reduces costs, and enhances overall asset management efficiency. It enables organizations to make informed decisions, maximize asset utilization, and ensure regulatory compliance, improving productivity and financial performance.

Interested in exploring asset management software? Check out Cheqroom's features: keep all asset information, bookings, and check-outs in one easy-to-use app.

Inventory overview

Inventory overview

Check your full asset inventory. You can follow up on the location of your assets, and see the status of each individual piece of gear. You’ll be notified when assets need maintenance.

Keep track of assets

Keep track of your assets

Track your AV or IT assets and prevent them from disappearing or getting damaged. You’ll increase accountability, as everyone always knows who’s using which asset.

Make assets accessible

Make assets accessible

Let users book assets in advance, or check out gear on the go. Just a quick scan of the barcode with your phone is enough to update the asset inventory.


My colleagues no longer call me to ask asset management questions. They just quickly check availabilities in Cheqroom.

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All items in 1 app

All your assets, one app

Cheqroom's asset management system gives you a real-time overview of assets’ locations and due back dates. Search through your records and easily find all the asset information and attachments (receipts, warranty certificates) you need right away.

Access and accountability

Assign user roles & permissions

Grant access to users, let them book assets on their own and let them sign a digital agreement upon check-out. You’ll save time, and users will be accountable for the assets they use and their condition upon return.

Built in scanner

Integrated asset label scanning

Use your phone to identify assets in seconds with CHEQROOM’s built-in scanner. Avoid confusion about having the right items and take human error out of the equation.


Better teamwork, better asset management

You’re done with manual record-keeping! Our asset management app is always up-to-date and accurate! Keep everyone in the loop with automated email, push, SMS and Slack notifications.


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