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Cheqroom makes Futurdata's gear management easier, faster, more accurate, and reliable.

Gear type Information technology
Location Lisbon, Portugal
Inventory size 1700+ items
Favorite feature Due dates
Using since 2018

Futurdata is a leading provider of technology solutions since 2002. They rent out IT equipment and electronics like iPads, laptops, virtual reality gear, drones, LCD screens and projectors mainly for events.

Without Cheqroom, we'd have to hire extra people to manage our growing inventory
Eduardo Gonçalves CEO

From Excel, pen, and paper to Cheqroom

The team at Futurdata used to have a big dashboard with the customer’s name, the equipment they checked out, and the due dates. Always going back to that dashboard to find out when and by whom the equipment was checked out wasn’t efficient or easy at all.

The main reason Futurdata decided to look for a better solution was their growing business.

While they used to have about 10 rentals at the same time, the number of simultaneous rentals quickly grew to 50. Their number of items and clients kept growing too, and it was starting to get increasingly complicated to manually manage these larger quantities. “Every day, we had to check when our rent outs were due back … now with Cheqroom it’s all there on the timeline. This was very important for us because manually we couldn’t keep up. If someone now asks us if certain equipment is available, we can tell them right away instead of having to search through our many papers and spreadsheets”.

The user-friendly and web-based solution we needed

An external consultant working for Futurdata started searching for a better solution online and found Cheqroom next to a couple of other programs. “We opted for Cheqroom because it’s so simple to use and user-friendly, has the main structure we needed, and is web-based. Since Cheqroom is so user-friendly, we already did a lot of what Cheqroom does on paper. So getting our staff to start doing this on the computer was very simple.”

Future data team

The other equipment management software options we found didn’t have the main functions we needed, but Cheqroom has it all. We also liked that it could be accessed from anywhere, so we thought that all our main problems would disappear with Cheqroom.” And they did.

The due dates feature is extremely helpful to us

“It used to be difficult to control every item coming in and out of our office. But now when we book a new order we can instantly see the due date and Cheqroom even tells us when it needs to be picked up. This feature is extremely helpful to us.”

“Another thing that’s great is we can now look for a specific item with for example the serial number, and we have all its history at our fingertips (e.g. with which customer the equipment was and when). Previously it was very difficult to tell where a specific item had been for the past year. With Cheqroom you can just scan its code and know.”

Saving 2 to 3 hours every day

2-3, that's the number of hours Futurdata has been saving every day since using Cheqroom

“It’s hard to measure how much money we’ve saved, but I can tell you right now that without a solution like Cheqroom it would be very, very difficult for us to work. Without it, we’d have had to undoubtedly hire someone extra, and lots of things we can now do we couldn’t before. Because we use it daily, we probably save 2-3 hours every day.”

“Cheqroom makes our work much easier, faster, more accurate, and reliable, and for us, it works very, very well. The logistics issue (the input and output of equipment) is very important to us, and Cheqroom does this perfectly with its QR codes. Replying to customer questions about availability is now much smoother and more efficient.”

Futurdata inside

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