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How ATTN: uses Cheqroom to inform their producers on the available gear

Gear type Audio & visual equipment
Location LA
Inventory size 800
Favorite Feature Calendar view
Customer since 2020

As one of the leading media companies in the US, ATTN has both shoots at their location in LA and on the field. Kevin Fisher, the studio manager, blends large scale rentals with the gear they own in Cheqroom. They organize the gear in kits so that people can simply come into the studio, pick up the right kit with its accessories already included. Next to that, they barcode and have serial numbers on all their gear to make it easier to track everything.

Kevin's favorite feature? The calendar view. It helps him to see what is upcoming or is out.

Cheqroom helps you keep track of everything and shows what's available in your inventory, and what's available to your producers.
Kevin Fisher Studio & Equipment manager