What is a Gaffer?

What does a gaffer do?

What is a gaffer?

The gaffer is the unsung hero of the entertainment industry. They're responsible for lighting, sound, and other equipment needed to create the perfect film production. However, managing the film set equipment can be challenging without the proper software. Cheqroom's equipment management software can help you easily manage your lighting equipment.

A gaffer's job is an essential part of any successful media production. They are the chief lighting technicians on set and the critical liaison between the production crew and the lighting department. They're responsible for ensuring the electrical and lighting setup functions safely and efficiently throughout the production process.

What does a gaffer do?

Chief lighting technicians are highly experienced professionals who understand the art and science of lighting and electrical work. They oversee the lighting setup and equipment and the rigging and power distribution on set. These lighting and electrical professionals need to have a strong knowledge of color and light and a good understanding of the various electrical components and their capabilities.

They work closely with the director of photography to create the desired lighting look for a scene. To achieve this, they must be familiar with various types of lighting and how to use them effectively. They also need to know how to set up and adjust lighting fixtures, such as spotlights, floodlights, and light stands. They also consult the production designer and director on the overall look of a scene, from the placement of lights to the color of the background.


These electricians also oversee the electrical setup on set. This includes ensuring the power cables and other electrical equipment are correctly installed and up to code. They must also ensure the power requirements are met for each set and that all equipment is properly grounded.

The job of a gaffer is vital to any successful production and can make or break a shoot. Their knowledge and experience make them the go-to person for a production's lighting and electrical aspects.

How can equipment management tools support a gaffer?

Equipment management software like Cheqroom helps these lighting technicians keep track of all their equipment in one place. This includes maintaining an inventory of what's available, what needs to be replaced, and what needs maintenance. It also helps with ordering new equipment, tracking who has checked out what equipment, and when it needs to be returned, saving the production company time and money.

These professionals can plan their lighting and power setups more efficiently by having a clear view of what equipment is available and who is using it. This helps them utilize their equipment efficiently to get the best results out of their projects.

Equipment management software can also help them manage their budgets better. They can track their costs, invoices, and more in one place and get a clear view of their spending on lighting and power equipment. This makes staying on a budget easier and ensures the project runs smoothly.

Having all their equipment information in one place allows the lighting crew to quickly find what they need and get on with their work. This helps minimize the time spent searching for the right tools and ensures projects run on schedule.

Gaffer on set

Cheqroom provides an easy and efficient way to manage lighting and power equipment, enabling the gaffer for any production to optimize their workflow. With Cheqroom’s equipment management solution, streamlining the process of managing your gear has never been simpler.

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Always have a clear overview of what’s going on

Know what equipment you have. No more scribbled notes, hasty emails, or double bookings. Organize all your gear and find the right equipment and its information in no time.

Feature - tracking

Track your assets' locations

Always know where your assets are, who is using them and when they are due back. Keep all your asset information and attachments (receipts, warranty) in one place.

Feature - user roles

Give access to the gear cage

Grant system access to users (use SSO for maximum security) to book and check-out equipment from the gear cage and let them sign a digital agreement at pickup. Save time by automating the process, and they’ll be accountable for the assets they use.

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Equipment usage reports

Understand the performance and usage of your assets with reports. Generate custom or predefined reports to stay on top of past and current equipment activity.

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Stay in control of your gear cage

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