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What is a Gear Case?

The gear case is a term often used in the AV industry. Below are some examples of gear cages, along with some best practices for organizing them.

What are AV gear cases?

AV cases store, transport, and protect audiovisual equipment like cameras, lenses, microphones, lighting equipment, and other AV accessories. These utility cases are durable plastic or metal lined with thick foam that can be tailored to your old or new equipment.

Whether you're a photographer, videographer, or audio engineer, a quality gear storage box can keep your equipment secure. These cases prevent damage to delicate equipment during transportation, impact, jostling, or exposure to moisture or dust, ensuring everything is protected, organized, and accessible.

Getting ready for a shoot requires a lot of preparation. Without organized and accessible equipment, your shoot can become chaotic. With audiovisual (AV) equipment cases, you can keep your gear in one place so it's safe, secure, and easy to locate. Manage your AV gear case equipment with ease using Cheqroom's equipment management software.

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Why do you need an equipment case?

Audiovisual utility cases keep equipment organized and accessible, saving you time when preparing for shoots. This means less time is spent searching for the right equipment and more time is spent capturing footage. A reliable storage box can also help reduce repairs and replacements, which lead to equipment downtime. By protecting equipment from damage, you save time and money, ensuring your equipment is always up and running.

Equipment management software can help you create a comprehensive system for keeping your AV utility cases organized. Our software can help you track where your equipment cases are and what equipment you have, ensuring it's available when you need it.

What types of gear cases exist?

There are many types of equipment cases for AV gear, including:

Types of Gear Cases
  • Hard Case: Durable plastic and aluminum cases provide increased protection for AV equipment. These cases are customizable with foam interiors. Some hard case options are waterproof, crushproof, dustproof, and corrosion-proof.

  • Soft Case: Soft cases are usually nylon or canvas. They're lightweight and easier to carry but don't offer as much protection as a hard case. However, they're still a good option for transporting less fragile equipment.

  • Rolling Gear Case: Rolling cases are ideal for transporting heavy equipment or when going to locations where you need to carry equipment long distances. They usually have wheels and a handle, making them easy to move from location to location.

  • Backpack Case: Backpack cases are a great way to transport gear and are designed to be worn like a backpack. These backpack cases usually have a hard exterior to protect equipment even when worn on your back.

  • Waterproof Case: Waterproof cases protect AV equipment from water damage with an airtight seal. Some cases are waterproof up to five meters.
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What are the benefits of using an equipment case?

Using a utility case for your AV gear has many benefits, such as:

  • Protection: AV equipment needs protection during transport and storage. A reliable storage box can withstand bumps, knocks, and other impacts, so your equipment is always secured.

  • Organization: Specific compartments on utility cases can help keep your gear organized, allowing you to find what you need quickly and easily. Know where your equipment is at all times and its condition.

  • Durability: Durable storage cases can withstand the normal wear and tear that comes with traveling for shoots, keeping your equipment protected.

  • Portability: Take your equipment with you anywhere with portable utility cases. Designed to travel, these cases can have handles, wheels, and backpack straps, making moving your equipment from one location to another easy.

With Cheqroom's equipment management software, you can keep track of your gear case equipment in one place. Keep track of your equipment, optimize your workflow, and make better decisions by managing your gear with Cheqroom.

Feature - tracking

Track your assets' locations

Always know where your assets are, who is using them and when they are due back. Keep all your asset information and attachments (receipts, warranty) in one place.

Feature - user roles

Give access to the gear cage

Grant system access to users (use SSO for maximum security) to book and check-out equipment from the gear cage and let them sign a digital agreement at pickup. Save time by automating the process, and they’ll be accountable for the assets they use.

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Equipment usage reports

Understand the performance and usage of your assets with reports. Generate custom or predefined reports to stay on top of past and current equipment activity.

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