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3 reasons to move your equipment management to the cloud

Poor equipment management and check-out can be a drain on profitability and tarnish your image. To put it simply: it can cost your organization millions. That’s why many schools, companies and corporate organizations have moved their inventory management systems to the cloud.

In case you haven’t yet made the transition, let’s take a closer look at the importance of cloud-based equipment management. Here are 3 ways it can help your business thrive!

1. It improves your cash flow

When items end up missing or misplaced, organizations often feel forced to buy the equipment again. But money spent on inventory is money that is not spent on growth.

Luckily, a cloud-based equipment check-out system can easily reduce the cost of purchasing redundant equipment. By giving you insight into the real-time availability of your equipment, you no longer have to worry about equipment disappearing.

2. It helps your team work more efficiently

Equipment management should be a team effort. A cloud-based equipment management solution lets the equipment manager define user roles and split responsibilities. Everyone on your team can book and check-out equipment from any device and in their own name. This makes people more accountable for the equipment they are using; you always know who last used an item of equipment.

Oh, and before we forget: a cloud-based equipment management check-out system is always accessible, enabling you to access information about equipment status 24/7.

3. It reduces labor costs

Manual equipment management systems are time-consuming and prone to inaccuracy and often include excessive labor costs. As an equipment manager, relying on traditional tools to monitor your valuable equipment is not the answer.

With a cloud-based equipment management check-out solution, your company will function much more efficiently. Not only does it enable fast and accurate decisions through work efficiency, but it will also speed up the process of managing equipment.

No more spreadsheets: a flexible cloud tool like CHEQROOM simplifies your equipment management anywhere you are! Why not give it a try? Set up your trial account here.

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