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Missouri State University

The department of media, journalism and film at Missouri State made check-ins and check-outs much more efficient with Cheqroom and now has more time for what really matters

Industry Education
Gear type Audio & visual equipment
Location Springfield, Missouri
Inventory size 2000+ items
Favorite feature Easy-to-use interface
Using since 2018

Missouri State University is a public university located in Springfield, Missouri, United States. Their department of media, journalism and film uses Cheqroom to manage over 2000 pieces of AV equipment.

Nathan Hartzler is in charge of the department’s equipment inventory.

Cheqroom is modern, forward-thinking, and seems focused on a singular goal of making equipment management better.
Nathan Hartzler

Chaos & complex logistics

Before using Cheqroom, the department did use software to manage their equipment but were unable to rely on it. “We were unable to rely on the equipment software we had previously which led to more chaos on top of the complex equipment logistics.”

Making equipment management better

Working with Cheqroom seemed like a natural choice: “Cheqroom is modern, forward-thinking, and seems focused on a singular goal of making equipment management better.”

Missouri state media journalism

Productive edge

“We can eliminate the software as a problem variable in the chaotic process of providing equipment for 400+ students each semester. Cheqroom gives us a productive edge and allows us to focus on tackling the other equipment logistics.”

Cheqroom allows us to focus on our equipment instead of the chaos around it.
Missouri inside

More time to inspect the equipment

“We are paying less for our large Cheqroom subscription than we were for a support maintenance contract for our previous on-premises software. We have also gained back about 3-5 minutes per check-in or check-out (due to the simple user experience) which allows the lab workers more time to inspect the equipment.

The simple, easy-to-grasp user interface has dramatically changed our lab workers and is our favorite part of Cheqroom. Since the student lab workers are not as confused by the software, it means less time spent in training with the lab administrators and fewer mistakes made daily by the student lab worker.”

We're saving 3 to 5 minutes per check-out/-in. More time for important things.

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