Your assets, your way.

Everything you need to track and manage your assets and power your teams.


Essential asset management capabilities to accelerate work and stimulate collaboration.

  • 1 location
  • Essential inventory
  • Unlimited users
  • Reservations and check-outs
  • SSO

    Okta, ADFS, Azure AD, OneLogin, Google and Shibboleth

  • Assignment

    Assign custody of your assets for an indefinite time

  • Status tracking

    Use flags to notify asset status

  • Mobile app
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Advanced asset management capabilities designed for full workforce participation.

  • 10 locations
  • Advanced inventory

    Unlimited kits and up to 20 Bulk Items

  • Equipment picking
  • Document generator

    Generate sign-out agreements, A.T.A carnets, etc

  • Alerts and notifications
  • Advanced control

    Equipment access and custom roles & permissions

  • Audits
  • Standard reports


Enterprise-ready capabilities to scale and connect work across teams.

  • Unlimited locations
  • Unlimited IT office assets

    For laptops, keyboards, and all the assets assigned to your employees for indefinite periods

  • Workspaces

    Up to 3 independent workspaces under one organizational account. One for every team

  • Enterprise reporting
  • 99.9% SLA
  • Implementation by Cheqroom
  • Zapier connector

    Our team of experts will set up up to 3 Zaps for you


Cheqroom for the most demanding enterprises — All the flexibility to meet your requirements and all the power to match your growth.

Compare all plans & features

Locations 1 10 Up to 10 per workspace Custom
Users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Workspaces 1 1 Up to 3 Custom
Mobile app
Data importing
Data exporting
Custom fields

Custom fields let you store extra information on an Item o reservation, like a serial number, shipping address, or UPS tracking number.

Standard user roles
Custom user roles
Equipment Access

Equipment Access allows you to control which items are accessible to which users, so you never have to verify reservations or check-outs again.

Document Management
Generate PDF documents
ATA Carnets
Opening hours

Set up opening hours; if you have multiple locations, you can specify opening hours per location.

Blocking contacts
Restrict locations
Print asset labels
99.9% SLA
Asset limits 2000 5000 Unlimited Custom

Equipment Kits are a collection of items usually checked out together, reducing the time and effort required to reserve or check out individual items.

Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bulk Items

Track large quantities of less valuable equipment.

20 Bulk Items 50 Bulk Items Custom
IT office assets Considered a standard asset Considered a standard asset Unlimited Custom
Lifecycle history
Standard reporting
Asset warranty tracking
Asset depreciation
Enterprise reporting

Easily assign custody of assets to users indefinitely.

Equipment Picking
Booking restrictions

Manage the minimum or maximum duration of reservations and check-outs made in the account. For example: prevent last-minute reservations by limiting the minimum time in advance to make a reservation.

Repeating reservations
Calendar feed integration
Geo location
Location tracking
Shipment tracking
Condition tracking

Use flags to indicate assets' condition. By flagging an item, you can indicate that it requires maintenance, it's broken, or it's in repair.

Barcode scanning
Audits & spotchecks

Spotcheck allows you to quickly conduct inventory spot checks, ensuring that your records accurately reflect the actual physical stock on hand. Perfect for inventory audits or ensuring you put all gear back in the AV truck.

Electronic signature
Training webinars
Nightly user sync
Implementation by Cheqroom Fee Fee
Asset Labeling resource Fee Fee Fee
Asset Label Store as a Service Fee Fee Fee
Reporting support Fee Fee Fee
Dedicated support manager Fee Fee Fee
Single sign-on
Email notifications
Push notifications
SMS notifications
Public equipment list
Slack integration
Webhooks Fee Fee
API access Fee Fee
Additional assets Fee Fee Fee Fee
Additional Bulk Items Fee Fee Custom
Additional Locations Fee Fee Custom
Additional Workspaces Fee Fee Custom
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If we had 12 shoots a month, we'd be spending upwards of 108 hours just on preparations. Cheqroom cut that in half!

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Frequently asked questions

  • Yes, we do. We offer email support for all our plans. We also offer chat support for Plus plans. Premium plans have everything mentioned before plus a dedicated account manager.

  • As many as you need. We offer unlimited users across all our plans. You can always decide how much access you will grant each user.

  • Our asset labels are like the cherry on top of the cake. Cheqroom automatically generates a unique QR code for each item or kit in our system. You can either print it or buy our very resistant asset labels designed for the assets you have. Including tiny SD cards. If you already have your items labeled with other barcodes, don’t worry about it. We can perfectly sync those in our system and our built-in scanner can also read them.

  • Reservations are a way to book equipment in advance to ensure no other person takes it for the period you need it. A check-out is when you physically collect the gear and check it out of the gear cage.

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