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Cheqroom’s year in Review 2022

New features, improvements, and other memorable moments

Now that you’ve checked out your Wrapped 2022 let’s look back at the incredible year the Cheqroom team had and where it's headed. Believe me, Cheqroom’s future has never looked so promising.

Today, Cheqroom has more than a thousand customers and 10 thousand users worldwide. But I’m not planning to bore you with numbers. Let’s start by taking a look at our product!

New features

Opening Hours per Location

This feature was designed for educational institutions. In reality, other organizations managing multiple gear rooms are reaping the benefits of setting different opening hours per location. They have set closed days and also added breaks for yoga and lunch. Our users ensure they don’t get check-outs or check-ins during those closed times.

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Zapier integration

We connected Cheqroom with 4000+ tools with Zapier. Earlier this year, we launched more triggers and actions in our Zapier integration, allowing our users to automate their work and free time for what matters most to them. We’ve seen many successful cases, mostly from triggers based on custom fields. Do you have a favorite Zap with Cheqroom?

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Which gear is used most? What are the busiest months and times in the gear cage? What months are the most hectic times in the gear cage? We created reports so you can answer these questions. This year we launched two new reports: Current state and Check-outs over time. We also improved the reporting functionality by making it easier to sort and save reports. And If that wasn't enough, we added a new utilization column indicating the percentage of item's usage during check-outs, also the possibility to group your item's reports by fields and export to Excel.


Two-factor authentication

We added an extra layer of security by requesting a second authentication step for all our users. We’ve gathered your feedback, and we’ve been improving the process since we launched it.

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New navigation bar

We believe our mission is to offer hassle-free equipment management and to provide the best user experience in the market. This year, we updated our navigation bar, making it more intuitive, inclusive, and easier to find what you need.

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Making equipment management scalable with Workspaces. Workspaces' success has confirmed that many departments have struggled with equipment management. Cheqroom Workspaces has aligned teams, business units, and departments across media production, software development, places of worship, and educational organizations. Just like a Netflix account, each Workspace operates as an independent entity allowing you to customize it to your needs. From assigning item quotas to creating different roles and permissions, multiple teams can now benefit from Cheqroom.

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Cheqroom has always been an excellent product for equipment managers, but earlier this year, we gave Cheqroom a soul. We moved from a nice brand to a crazy bold one representing the makers. Everyone behind the scenes creates videos, movies, images, software, events, music, products, and experiments. You name it. We wanted Cheqroom to represent our customers and the amazing work they do. And we did it. We’ve launched a new website, faster and full of information. We have a new logo that makes the Cheqroom community recognizable everywhere, and we’ve got a new voice that’s fun and relatable.

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Looking ahead

That’s a wrap of 2022! So what’s coming in 2023? Nothing less than amazing features and content. So keep an eye on our product updates in Cheqroom, join the beta program to stay ahead, and become an influencer of Cheqroom’s roadmap.

A sneak peek for 2023 includes a better mobile experience, more control with equipment access (currently in beta), identical items, and buffer times 😉

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Written by Maria Alejandra Benitez Dec 22, 2022

Maria Alejandra Benitez is our product value expert at Cheqroom! Her day-to-day involves launching exciting new features, unveiling the value of each Cheqroom feature to our wonderful team and, most importantly, our cherished customers. Her all-time favorite Cheqroom feature? Spotcheck 💕. Maria is a true enthusiast when it comes to customer experience and product adoption! Plus, she absolutely adores it when customers respond to her emails 🥰.